Defining Education in this Modern Age

I posted this on Facebook.

“The World is a system today, you go kindergarden, primary, highschool, university. More parents today wants the best education for their children. But little did we know that kids who are brought up differently, for instance, jungle, can have better definition of life compared to us. I thought all of us are just concern of being happy, or really just getting a uni cert so we can get jobs to make us happy? Paradox”

True Enough, and often I would say we get inspirations from a lot of sources, be it causes or our self-evidential scenes, or even looking at celebrities with their awards and just say I want to be like her. But recently I thought of there is one greatest inspiration can get is really going out from the system.  What system? Basically, the system of life, Education through the thick stages, Work, Marriage, and yea you define it.

I see some youths today quit from University life, to really just to do what they want. Be it anything, entrepreneurs, any volunteering causes. I just realised I know quite a couple of youths today with this thought and they deserve respect because it takes extraordinary courage to step out of this system, the first obstacle would be parents, for sure.
You ask them, “no need to finish university and get the qualification to work”? I could imagine their answer is “so what, they are just money but not happiness.  I could imagine because I was once at a thought of it but thinking my architecture education could fit well with what I am happy to do for the cause in the future. I just told someone today, talking about Sustainable living “You can save one person at a time, saving their mindset to be considerate for the planet, while I can save one building at a time”

And one thing I realise this group of youths are facing is even having a sense of understanding from the youths today because we are all really following the system as a norm. And some of us end up can call this group of youths crazy. Well, I just thought we are born to do crazy things so yea. If you are a reader of this passage, just want you to know my current environment is a group of youths in a university in a modern life. That’s why I am typing this post knowing there are many of the “rare” youths that people like us here today must know.

What really defines Education to life is not by this systems. But like I said, who knows a teen brought up in the jungle could know life better than you do. The strong point is that they are being exposed to education by what they experience themselves rather than the thick textbooks we have in university which is being told by others. And that is the MAJOR difference that kept them driving so far for what they believe in. And here in city modern life, most of us will be really just believing in textbooks alone.

I call that ESD, Education for Sustainable Development (well actually ESD is an initiative under UNU) , when individuals experience and hence defining their own lives rather than the ‘system’ we are in today. They are being Extraordinary, Being out of System.

I don’t find any great interest in great youths having tonnes of achievements and meeting great people around the world, in fact, greatest attention should be diverted to these low-profile individuals and know that their stories often are much more inspiring to what we could hear today, simply because, even, most of us haven’t really met someone like them.

Find Them.