Miracle Youth Conference 2011!

So I said.

I’m the hottest person in this Universe because I’m in the Hottest Planet =/

Naa it was actually in conjunction with World Environmental Day, AIESEC UPM has successfully organised Miracle Youth Conference for the 8th time (i think). this time having more than 150 participants and having some good ground works at SgWang Plaza, such as creating the awareness, I would love to say huge congratulations to all the OCs and FACIs, Karen Lim Chin Chin too for really making this a goof stuff.

I was never in the Conference entirely, but just today in their External Event where there were good ER and PR stuff going on with TupperWare and BMS partnership came in, lots of in-kind sponsorships, good bunch delegates, young ones as well, and good exposure. Yes, this was the Pledge Card campaign.

Looking at this just reminds me at Youth Energy Squad Conference this coming October!

Just for your curiosity, I went to MYC 2009 (LINK HERE) before and that’s where I proposed YES projects in their project simulation. And hence, it appeared to be a real project today and yes its still in the developing stage and I am glad I have a good team with that direction, I’m really glad =) 

While I am slowing leaving AIESEC or have left, I’m trying to do something more relevance to my coursework such as Green Building but also working on MESYM.com. we shall see =)