Top 10 Reasons to be an Architect – Sexiest Job in the World!

I call this the sexiest job in the world

Architects are often associated with a very imaginative  brain and they are good with their hands.

There was an old blog post I wrote before about why I wanted to be an Architect. But this shall be the review version.

I have seen a lot of reasons of why not to be an Architect so I thought of coming out with my own version. Yes never really I was into Architecture until I realise how much discovery channel has influenced me that Architecture has more than to do with the understanding of Building Arts. Here you go.

1. Architecture job scope is always evolving.

No, we are not artists, we don’t play arts and paint them and tell the story. The story has changed, we have to know updated building technology and tools, every evolving better construction methods and items mean better story to tell. Architecture is really one of the few profession that is never static, new things come because partly of our job serves mankind too.

2. Architects are well respected.

Name some of the famous ones back in the renaissance or even today’s, some would know and respect them. It’s not really the reason why I choose Architecture but Architects generally bring the sense of bringing the best out of something without driven by financial rewards like dentist or lawyers. We are often seen to be ethical and responsible.

3. Lifestyle, not a Job.

I know I love this lifestyle, I say it so. Architecture is something in everywhere, shapes, inspiration, be it a chopstick, trees, clouds, these things can really give you a philosophy out of nowhere and give you the end idea of the final product. You love this because it’s something applicable in everywhere you go, you don’t just sit in an office and draw, no, IDEAS is always the mastermind of Architecture.

4. Personal Expression and The freedom of Arts.

As every project, we have our brief guidelines and directions, but we are always given our freedom to go beyond the limit, to propose design that we can dream off at any moment and they could really make it well. Everyone has their philosophy and it’s always interesting to know how the solution is given based on theirs. Let’s just say having 10 Architects giving 10 solutions to 1 problem? Possible.

5. You can be your own boss.
There’s no right or wrong in Design, that’s what most will say, most of the when you lead a project, even though having a supervisor, but you can be your own boss because you know your products well and design and its branding.

6. We are History Makers.

OK, perhaps I have overrated it. but yes because we are the blueprints planner and we design how town shapes and everything happens after that. We can positively impact people’s lives because we design the best homes to suits specific needs. Our products could last longest in the world, as long we have designed something sustainable, then it’s sexy enough to remain long enough in here.

7. There are tangible (and sometimes euphoric) results.
Those who have seen their projects being built will understand. It’s an excitement to know something you have been spending on the screen and paintings for months or even years,finally being built. It’s just something like you know you have been studying on how to produce the best cake ever and finally in the production stage and making so many others to enjoy it together. It’s something big and visible for you to see!

8. Expecting Extraordinary Experimental.

The thing about Architecture is really about seeing whether your solution would really solve the situation. everything is done in computer initially but again everything is decided on the final product whether your predictions and forecast are correct. We are always expected to try new things, different materials, incorporate new fresh ideas so you just wouldn’t know what’s the end product and how good it will perform.

9. It’s really more than a Career.
You can practice the profession of architecture for as long as you want – you’ll always be an architect even when it isn’t your job anymore. Most architects don’t really start to become good until later in life – I’m talking in their 50′s. The real world of Architect profession normally starts after he gets his Title. that would be 35 years old around there. And even after the 50s you still can do a lot and normally that’s only the peak of your fame.

10. The incredible variety of options within the profession.

This is incredibly true. I think Architecture is one of the courses with the most options of specialising. You can do small or big firms, international or localised ones.. you can take the role of project architect, landscape, designer, or management.. you can work on different building types and be specialise in let’s say.. designing hospitals, residential, even jail? It’s really hard to imagine because Architect we can float into developers too and being in the consultation field. It’s just very wide.

And to add on one last one which I personally like, In Architecture, It’s really a challenge to know up to date anything everything happening in the world. Because designs evolve around each one of them, be it culture, economy, social. A Very obvious example is ever since 911 or the Tsunami, Architects start to ponder on additional elements in their designs.

That’s how I define Architecture.

Most people think I’m too busy for one too, but I would just say. Hey, whatever I am busy about outside and what I am learning outside the syllabus is always part of the Architecture knowledge =)

Architects Are Sexy. Isn’t it!