WhatsAfterSpm. 101 Stories by 101 Young Malaysians. Matriculation and Me.

So it came up. No not at news or newspaper this time, but a book. Oh yeah, remembering the article I contributed 2 years ago when I was in Matrics and so inspired to write one, so there you go. Also, I realize that time I submitted my entry and without realizing today with the other 100 inspiring stories by other 100 Malaysians, I have known a few after my Matrics life as well.


I wouldn’t go into detail about what I wrote for Matriculation. But rest assured that I wrote it simply because I think there should be some fair point of view of the quality of social and culture development one could go through too instead of talking about academics every day. I think I have had my fair view in the book then for matriculation, you could view all the other 100 stories from various backgrounds too, many less taken path, more inspiring than I did. Anyways, It Is HERE. and quite surprise that I wrote this quote.

‎”Whichever path we may take, the rewards we reap greatly depend on our own readiness to face unexpected challenges and harness the opportunities that come our way”

I didn’t expect that to come out 2 years ago from my own thoughts. And today, I have changed a lot. USM experience has fetched me far beyond expectation. I found my Passion. That says it all. or it’s something like I found my soul? Matrics was a story of Discovery, it was still the best because it’s the dawn.

It will be at the bookstore soon and you can follow here for more details. My big kudos to all the production team and anyone behind this big thing as I have heard the bigger agenda ahead, may this book be an inspiring tool for young Malaysians today. Thank You.