Picture Story #3 – SINGAPORE Trip

I have had a crazy weekend i would say. Let me summarize.


Work till 9pm, went to KL Central, got the Train to Singapore. >  8 Hours after on board, reached head to URA exhibition which is the main thing why i went there for > And i went all the other places for some personal photos resources for my studies purpose > Met with Shilei =) The AIESECer i met from Shanghai Exchange > Finished travel, rushed to KTM  > Then i missed the Train  > Then manage to buy a bus ticket back at night after rushing directionless in Singapore and killed my $$$. > Reached Timesquare as of back to KL and then balik rumah andddd… (I didn’t bath for the whole 50 hours btw just if you wonder =P )


Had a good sleep from 8am till 2pm then meet with the fellow BAYERs and to discuss on how to handle a program to educate children about 3Rs soon =) and now a lot of news just came in! Let the pictures talk first! These pictures are chosen from 7 different albums uploaded from the single trip alone.

  1. I took KTM Train for the last time! Well i said last time as in to Tanjong Pagar Station, this station is closing down soon as behind some issues. You can take this sleeper train for RM40 one way to Singapore. It will still but change to Woodlands stop instead next month onwards. It’s an OK bed btw =) with light too and curtain, quite privatized =) MORE HERE!
  2. Marina Barrage! Finally what i have read so much of it is visited! really impressed by this engineer marvel, read up more then you will be fascinated i guess of its function. besides so many function it has besides just a water barrier, many activities, best of all, its a platinum green mark building , note its solar park which is the largest in Singapore. MORE HERE!
  3. So happen NUS has ARchitecture Exhibition at MICA! Nice to see all the NUS Archi students works and i asked more about their masters program and i felt interested =) we will see soon. Their Masters is more focus i would say, too early to judge, more to come soon. MORE HERE!
  4. Orchard Central, one of my visited destination as well for being designed by my intern company DP Architects in Singapore. Just a few pics to note its essential branding. MORE HERE!
  5. Ahh Finally. I am here for this Exhibition actually. Richard Rogers Exhibition. Much inspiring from him. Learnt many of his Great Project and his interesting background with Fosters. There are many things happen in the exhibition. Got to know new friends from NUS and also got a free book featuring pics of Singapore. MORE HERE!
  6. MRT station! Owh yea Stadium MRT station is super awesome =) its nominated as best design for Transportation check it out! MORE HERE!
  7. Lastly The Pinnacle, my 2nd time there and i felt like studying it more. It’s one of the most remarked HDB flats as it represents a lot of records and memories for replacing the oldest HDB building in Singapore as old as 50 years ago. MORE HERE!
It was an interesting, productive weekend actually. Lotz of provocative thoughts and reviews =) May this week be another awesome week!
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