How LRT can change Lives. Because it did for mine.

Yes, it really did. Some of you most probably thinking it changed my life by making it more ‘green’, apparently as much as I love doing my little part of cutting down my carbon footprint. Some could go “Aiya.. rapid kl bus and lrt, sure stuck in jam” Do you know there are thousands of people having the same thought that contributes to the fact that every morning LDP is being crawled by thousands of cars which are only driven one person each.

My saying is very simple, I will take the public transport wherever I go, subjected to the availability, if I am rushing, then I will ask for a cab. This will definitely save my money as well compared to the road tax, road toll fees, parking fees, car maintenance etc etc. Those who continue to say lazy for waiting for buses are probably the ones lazy to find how to make it more efficient to their own schedule.

BUT yes, LRT changed my life much more. Currently, I am interning at KL. Every morning 7 I will be at KelanaJaya station, sit to KL central, walk to Monorail Station, sit to Imbi station, then arrived Office. And sometimes when arrived back, I might car pool with a sister or take the bus from KJ station back to home. Overall, I spend 2.5 hours daily on public transport.

It simply means better. I spend 2.5 hours observing things and catching up with friends OR making new friends. While many would spend time on their own in the highways and making their cars as comfortable as possible, I think every morning of LRT journey is exciting.

Every morning has a different story, every personality that walks pass you, how one dress up themselves, how they response, how they talk, there are actually a lot of interaction going on in the LRT every morning.

I think it has very much to offer for a thinker by sight like me. It’s not that we are making assumptions at first sight, but this is really part of making life more interesting to know how a sense of sight can tell you a story actually. I have made friends through public transport, seriously, even some of you might be reading this. I have also met random friends every morning by accidental, that gave me a lot of nostalgic flashbacks.

One couldn’t be much happier by entering the train and smiling at everyone and somehow assuring they have a bright cheerful day ahead, and the best moment is that when a stranger smiles in response to your smile.

You see, there are times I meet foreigners and just be a temporary hi-bye friend and exchange a matter of opinions, I think that’s the best thing because hi bye friends don’t take words too seriously as its temporary.  Another one would be some perhaps illegal foreign workers who brought back big groceries shopping from Mydin etc, some could be on their Ipads, some could be reading their books or some could be doing their PDAs. You see life is so happening in just a train. Views can be so contradicting here but somehow when you step out of the train, you just ended up with “Life is such a diversity, Life has all walks of life” It’s just too often we are stuck in routines but these little pieces of LRT rides get to offer us more!

And yes just if you wonder how Shanghai or New Delhi MRT looks like, I have the pics here =) Their experiences taste different too!