Music Live-feed: A Random Idea

Facebook was a simple idea, God knows what happened when the accidental billionaire emerged as one. Anyways I think some has known me as a thinker or idea person, hehe but on the other side, not being a strategist to implement and work it out and always jump into other ideas, perhaps I love observing and making positive assumptions most of the time. So here’s the idea.

Music is the language that the world speaks. Right?  I thought of a new “networking” idea.

Remember before I said in LRT every morning I said actually a lot of interacting going on in that cube? How people dress up etc? And often we say music connects, we share, we display it, it’s the universal language. The beats the melody, it’s recognizable to everyone whether you are a musician or not.

Remember in The movie Social Network? who is about the chronicle of the founding of facebook? Part of it stated that Mark gave a software to microsoft about identifying pattern of musics and matches a personal taste about it? (though i am not sure whether it’s true)


So what if I tell you that you can hear what people is listening to? Yes i am not sure about this technology because i haven’t found something that you can hear to what other people is listening to unless it’s  frequency published by their own device. But imagine if you can know people by the type of music they hear. The lyrics you hear, the genre, the common wavelength in the songs that can bring both to come to each other.

It wouldn’t be same as sharing songs over youtube. This is meant to be off the line, just really know what others are hearing, yes of course this comes as matter of security or confidential when someone might want to privatize his/her music/listening. then of course la can off the device.

It’s just like Facebook, but in music wavelengths. Simple.


So i am trying to imagine if every morning I can on my MP3 and “broadcast” the music i listen to and also listening to what others might broadcast theirs. I would be listening new songs everyday and even meeting them who share the same wavelength of songs =P

No such technology? i don’t know. It’s random.

But knowing so many teens are plucking earphones into their ears today and just possible to interact by eye means, so let’s break the barrier.