Great People deserves Great Respect: Mr Wan Burhanuddin

‎”Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions. Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody. ” Benjamin Franklin

Today I would like to dedicate this quote to the ever most inspiring lecturer I had. It was my first year but his teachings are still vividly and moreover, his quotes have been a practice in some aspect of my life somehow. I wasn’t really that close to Wan Burhanuddin but yes we do exchange opinions in some crazy context and random topics but with the same value of finding solutions to the curiosity we all face. He has always been the one I admire in his thinking pattern, whether it’s his education background from MIT or double Masters in Arts and Architecture, but he’s always got a point at questioning to the very root.

His idealism is a part of the reality today. The 6 tools of work. Intention, Act, Product. Actor, Rules, Site. This formula never goes wrong anywhere. It’s no doubt that the students have heard from him very well about these, as much as some could find his lectures are boring, but I am assured his quotes or lectures bring the great message and has given me an exception definition of Architecture and Humanity. That’s what I don’t find in books at all.

We talk about Bamboo. We act on it. We did it. He told me his great plans for bamboo research, bamboo symposium, but now I think someone else would definitely be impacted by his idealism to continue that effort, which no doubts that I am one of them. I am always amazed at his lecture, really one of the few lecture where I will sit in front and ready to debate with him.

He is that powerful to many of us, that changed our lives. The ideology he has really challenge one to really find his own stand. A simple twist of his question to your question can just make you think whole day. With that some of have learned to come to realize to have our own opinions on anything, life.

The School of HBP or the World today has lost a great person. But his teachings never fades. Nor his impacts on the many lives of the Gen Y today.

Facebook Profile page here as a dedication from those who love him the most.

Rest In Peace Brother. Great people deserves Great Respect. Simple, Humble, down to Earth. There are many conversations between us who plays now. Islams & Christianity, Eurocentrism, Homosexuality, you name it, that’s from an Architecture Studio Master, that’s how relevant he is.