10 Things Architects Won’t say. So you want to be an Architect?

I came across with this and decided to acknowledged whatever he has said, first of all, let me state what he said here =P

Top 10 things you probably never hear most Architects Say.

  1. I’m Really Rich! (This is way t rueee! Architects are not rich, you see big buildings, but it doesn’t belong to them but the developers >< So if you think Architects are noble job, yes but we are ‘humble’ hehe)
  2. I’m getting way too much sleep! (OMGoodness thanks for pointing this out, how many people have asked me If i ever sleep? =P Along side with all the other crazy activities and my personal development time, well i think i’m a living zombie!)
  3. Getting that House built is really eassy! (Ya right, spending 3 years of your lifetime monitoring the progress of your project is not easy!)
  4. I love my job, Everyday. (Owh yes i love it when i think what i’m doing is great, but not with the to do list even in a simple project)
  5. We can’t build that, that’s wayyy expensive. (This quote belongs to the QS, and as an enemy of QS, Architects we design the best, yet the most expensive! x) )
  6. I learn everything i needed to know in College. (In Architecture you’ll never learn enough, and professions is at their best at 40s+)
  7. Imagine your Contractor is not a moron. (Yes screw contractors who don’t understand our language =P )
  8. My Clients are the best! (No, from the internship i have learnt recently, my client screw me up seriously much without knowing what do architects do. Just because they pay, doesn’t mean they can spam their ideas and suggestion but i thought Architects are the ones to suggest the best option!)
  9. I don’t have enough Education! (Because Education only brings Architects to ‘that’ much! )
  10. We are on Budget, and everything is going according to schedule. (No such things as budget for us! )

As an Architecture student, so far after 2 years, and being filled with many activities in out campus, in out countries, or whatever, and having discovered my passion, i can’t stop agreeing with all of the points! Argh! Thanks for saying it out! But there are many reasons again why i want to be an Architect. Because i think they are one of the important professions that could change the world. And inspire many.

Partially of the going green reason too. Often i tell my fellow green friend

“You can save a person at a time to go Green, I think i could help by saving a building at a time!”

And yes here is another video in responds, why you should be an ARchitect.