8 years of Strumming

Yeap so it’s been 10 years. I think most probably this is the sight where most people wouldn’t know about me. Most would be hearing about Photography, the green things, architecture, or perhaps cooking, myself even wonder how did I get to spend time on a handful of things.

I have been playing since 13, it all started from Christian fellowship and Church, where I just learn 4 chords from my friend, and the rest would be youtube and playing by hearing. Thus explains why I couldn’t read tabs nor scores, I didn’t go for any lessons, all purely on hearing.

At the Age of 13 my dad bought me an RM280 Yamaha Classical, C series if I am not mistaken. Currently, I have passed it to my junior after almost 8 years of playing it. Which I have changed the use of the classical guitar with acoustic strings, look at the fretboard itself u know how much I have to swipe my fingers across it.

At theAge of 16, i bought J.D for RM450. Semi Acoustic. With plugin from Harmony Damansara Utama, it served me well as a senior player in high school CF, and also Matriculation Christian Fellowship, then it was stolen in hostel.

Most recently bought Helicon TW28 for RM850, at first, I was aiming at Yamaha F310 for just 400+ budget. But this guitar sound totally carried me away. So pinned it down!

I was guitarless for months already and just felt so itchy with my fingers! Honestly with 8 years of playing I am nowhere good, partially because I don’t expose myself to more genre of music besides Christian and Blues all the time. And yes I do write songs, like 8 of them but never recorded them.

I think one thing interesting about Guitar is that there’s no rule of which chord you are pressing is correct or not.

I have come out with my own familiar sets of chords with their own styles. I mean that’s what every guitarist do right? So that’s the little mini-history of GeneHarn!