BYEE 2011. My Story My Journey My Share about MESYM.COM

Me and the plague =)

So it has happened. It’s within  a blink once again.

Remembering when I submitted in the Proposal along with other 80+ submissions, then shortlisted for interview with other 30+ candidates, and the chosen 8 to go to Eco Camp in Johor. and we are required to carry out our projects for the 2-3 months, and 2 are selected to represent Malaysia in Germany this coming October for an all expense paid trip.  And yes, God bless me with being 1 of the 2 =) But time really passes by so fast!

Personally I could say Thank you to everyone but especially  to all the other 7 envoys who have been through this journey of inspiration together, also all the networks who are sharing this same passion, and last but not least, AIESEC because I realize it’s the platform where I learnt about whatever I apply in this project and also the Shanghai DT exchange was where I found my  passion in this field.

To be honest I was more of curious of how I could win this year’s BYEE 2011. As much as I can consider the success rate is like winning Loreal Brandstorm to Paris,  I guess a lot of people would be thinking of that as well. Even myself thinking because frankly speaking not much effort is being done yet because I was too caught up with an internship. and the idea of MESYM.COM (READ here) requires a lot of communication work during working hours. Well all in all, i said despite winning or not, the idea of MESYM would continue, guess when the judges decide this will go on, and yes some of them did feedback and said they would follow up with the project =D

If anyone is asking about how’s the judging session, I think there wasn’t much question but instead there was some sharing from DOE and UNDP judge about their events and ask me to share on the page! But the one main question was about how am I going to ensure this website is going to sustain for a really really long time. Anyways I think I need to brush up my presentation skill still, guess still lacking charisma and proper grammar =/ But I think basically what gave me advantage on doing this website is that I am doing what I love, designing website, and catching up with the latest green efforts all around Malaysia to uncover new inspiring projects and people.

And at the other point, I think I am lacking one thing. Knowledge. As much as I have heard from the green networks I have, the experience and also the passion I have, and also determination, but I am lacking this knowledge on the environmental issue. I’m talking about politics or statistics that could really give me the numbers and pictures to speak confidently because I realize every time I speak it’s based on experience only.

And all in all, I would just say, it’s just the beginning =)

Being interviewed by RTM while my slides are playing.

Oh well, I am not biggie about being on all the press or even RTM, but I took every single opportunity to promote MESYM.COM. really needs the hits!

The BYEE 2011 Envoys and the Judges and Germany Ambassador, with various EU organization reps.

Well, definitely more to come soon in Germany =) and beyond.

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