Travelogue: KK & Kundasang & Sandakan @ Sabah

At DesaFarm, Kundasang

So guess who’s back from Sabah after a week’s of traveling and up to Penang in a couple of hours time! I think I agree with what adeline said, I look a little better after gaining weight, though! I thought I could start writing a travel blog with these few months of traveling, but naaa think my area of interest is somehow just too wide to focus in that. Basically, I traveled from Sandakan (16/8-19/8) then went to KK but up to Kundasang (20/8-21/8) and till 22nd in KK. Went with Joee and thanks to PekLin and Adeline for having a warm welcome from your family as well! I believe we really had a nice stay!

Basically covered all the wildlife scenes in Sandakan I guess, Sepilok Orang Utan, Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkeys, Crocodile farm, Guomatong Caves, some Sandakan town walking.. and Sg Kinabatangan with a night there! While in Kundasang, thanks to Adeline’s family for bringing us to the nice spots =) Be it the hot springs, desa farm, Kinabalu park, memorial park, and also always being beside the tallest peak in the whole SouthEast Asia.

Well, praise God it was a safe journey =) indeed very tempted to go back again next year and travel towards East Sabah. KK > Papar > Beaufort > Labuan and perhaps Brunei? haha, we shall see.

Oh, yea and I have (re)uploaded some of my traveling albums. Will see more to come soon. China and Indonesia and Germany =) Thanks, mom who bought for me the travel insurance.

Oh yea I’m so loving KK btw, They have the best beach hotels ever seen I guess, and better press independence, connectivity, and a lot more I could say as I always “study” in trips =P I came to my answer after questioning why racial integration could be better in the west Malaysia. One of the answers will be Connectivity and lesser urban characteristic compared to the east. Thus you see lesser interstates migration in the West because of lesser big towns there. This causes cultural celebration easily celebrated at locally and easily open access to another group of minorities. For an instant, Buka Rumah more easily did here I guess. And press freedom is another contribution. Well, interesting, more to understand soon!

Oh, yea loving Sabah for another lovely friend <3

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