Establishing the Personal Branding, Treating Life like a project management.

In Fujian Province, Fuzhou China. Tracing Mom’s root!

Phew* It was a hectic night. Taking a few minutes here to blog =) Sorry bloggie! long abandoned! Was in china whole week without Internet access to facebook particularly =P And yes I’m off to Jakarta a few more hours later. Basically went back to China this time for Mom’s root, remembering last time already been to dad’s side in QuanZhou. Click for pictures! =) Xiamen. FuZhou.

I got an email from Dad, a quick advice on career. The thought of penning down a thought or two. At times, I always constantly remind myself on my future undertakings with my current involvements. Though at times people could say I’m able to do a lot of things and capable of certain things, I doubt myself if I am really focusing on my direction.

I mention about Establishing the personal branding, people might see me as someone into photography, all the green things. Remember that I mention about the Law of your future pillar? Where your ultimate career is depending on how many pillars stacking against each other. Dad mentions degree is like having your own Domain, then as for how the market defines, then we will have our masters or license to elevate our market value, or to say our expertise determine our price.

That will happen after 10 years. Often I ask myself what will I be doing after 10 years. I was determined, and am still to be a registered Architect then that expertise into the so-called “Green Architecture”. To be this is still very broad, I might want to go for research instead of being in the corporates. And I know I would see better when this coming semester reopens, who knows joining UNESCO or some social expertise entity instead  =) Because then it will be the time to think what’s after my 1st part, which is the 1st 3 years of the degree.

But throughout this university life, i have learned that personal branding is not planned. It’s whatever that comes into your way and you felt that’s your passion and the reason why you are here, then that’s the way you should be flowing. If you think that I straight away jump into this pair of shoes, no I did not. I was trying my luck at Sports, Songs writing, Student Politics, a lot more, God just has a way for me I guess. Amid of all the hectic uni life, I always praise God for making me able to realize so many things! Somehow he just plans well! =)

SO what’s your Personal Branding? It’s not up to you to define sometimes!