Tomorrow Starts Today


It’s a flash once again, could’t imagine the longest sem break ever had (4months) just ended with my 3 months internship and a crazy hectic travelling to Sabah, China and Indonesia. and yes i am still here in Jakarta, flight later. And gonna rush the packing then tomorrow morning back to campus. It’s as hectic as last Mid year semester break when i went to Shanghai exchange and rushed back for PPSL i guess.

It’s really a pleasure meeting various cultures and personalities in a single platform here, i mean i really love the figure of 20 plus delegates because of the family sizing that enables us to really understand each other and also the different country’s culture. I would say out of the previous international conferences i have been, this is certainly one very simple and down to earth learning process, well i think the most precious thing i gained is the cross culture exchange because i tend to understand a few aspects of the other countries like History, Education, Governance and of course their environmental issue. I really enjoy Taman Mini indonesia! really well recommended for any Architecture and Cultural studies on Indonesia!

Hmm well i guess what they say is right, once you started travelling, and really question and observe its surrounding then you could really understand there’s so much things you are ought to do in this world, and especially when you have a group of friends who share the same wavelength of thoughts, awesome stuff.

Tomorrow Starts Today

I saw that from Kin’s shirt , a vietnam participant. Thought the quote really reflects a lot itself. Life is really a never ending learning process, and the beginning and the end is from ourselves.


Just one of the interesting encounters i had in Jakarta =) As for me this picture means a lot of telling the story of animal rights abuse. Well, we shall see.

Till then, will be thinking of university semester 5 resolutions soon =) gotta make it a hit as every semester has been! =)


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