Nasi Lemak 2.0!

The weekend has been great except the assignment part, of course, went to watch Nasi Lemak 2.0 when Cathryn and her friends just came down from UUM =) Seriously Namewee kinda blew me off with somehow able to put this film on show. I mean seriously, this movie is one with a lot of localized message to be heard, and am really impressed with the writing of the scripts that despite squeezing all the “issues” of this country but able to deliver many positive conclusions in the end.

Talking about Proton, China vs Malaysia, UMNO as the one dominating in BN, Not paying school fees can’t graduate, TNB always cut electricity and much more. However with a lot of positive reflections on Malaysia and this film could really reflect “1 Malaysia” better than the slogan does anyway, and yeah as how name were always does, his song lyrics really reflect with it!  And also, Surprise to see ReshMonu inside!! And Adibah and Afdlin! It’s something yet hilarious but reflective on whatever we have today. It somehow also emphasizes the strong message such as us going back to “kampungs” as visiting our parents, and if wanting to be the hero must have self-respect or integrity such of things.

“Malaysia isn’t as bad as we think, it’s just got people simply say things on papers” quoted in his song.  Would want to watch it again! I really curious how it went on screen because there are many political messages behind and some jokes which I hope other viewers would just take it as it is without first impression judgment. You can certainly know more from their website HERE! And I think the whole great thing is the whole movie is taken with CANON Mark2D!

Anyways had a great weekend with leaders retreat, as for me it’s much more a warming up of this hectic semester. Man, it’s just the first week with only half class came up and like a dead fish.

Thanks to all of you who constantly motivate me in many ways, including having the patience to grab a fish and cam whoring with it T.T

So cute eh? =) Happy Monday ahead!