10 ways of living a university life – A brief Summary from my Observation & Experience

I have said before that university is the learning curve that really matters. Even though being the short 3-5 years and might be only the 10% of your life time duration, many have said this is your greatest turning point, easiest answer to this is because it’s where we really start learning and discovering ourselves and setting our directions. Throughout my past 2 years of university life, I have seen all walks of life having their different paths that somehow would pretty determine what they would do in their future due to the opportunities. To all the juniors of USM, I would really want to share this as I always respect people who see their personal development matters for their future. Treasure your university life, it’s the growth curve that really matters.

I could pretty conclude that there’s no right or wrong in whatever path you take, but what ultimately matters is what you really want in this university life? What do you want to achieve? There is no too big or small to be correct or wrong. It’s something personal but you are here with an objective for sure. If not why are you here?

1. Traveling abroad to represent Uni/Malaysia for various Conference/Meets of a specific Issue.

Same time can do traveling too! I am glad that USM has sponsored me to India and Indonesia so far =) Next Germany!

New Delhi, India. represented RCE Penang under the UNU Network.

2. Get involve in Local, National clubs/ activities, even sports club. Personally, I did join a squeeze of a bit of most of the things in USM but majorly in AIESEC.

For more info of AIESEC please click HERE.

AIESEC MC elections at Taylors

3. Or… Get into Politics, be it Students, Parliament Mahasiswa, or any outside politic youths linked group. and work closely with the administration of USM?

Student Elections for MPP 2011/2012 * I take masuk Gambar* T.T

4. Or volunteer for NGOs in Penang or anywhere, because they always need youths like us to volunteer while it’s promised for sure you will learn something!

Students Volunteering for WaterWatchPenang

5. Start your own Business, Company. Who says you can’t? It’s rare but I have seen. And who says you can’t balance between studies and run a company?

No worries, take the lead! Plan the predictions!

6. Or… the most common, over a weekend or daily basis Part Time Promoter.

Well, Manpower needed for short term!

7. Or Freelance with your skills and hobbies. Example, Modelling, Photographer, Articles Contributor…

Me with the Penang Bridge Marathon Photographers Official Team

8. Or Simply Focus in your CGPA and coursework assignments ensuring you have good grades to graduate and hoping to secure the top Firms/Companies.

With the Studio Coursemates at SiteVisit in Terengganu!

9. Play Games all day and Night and be Expert at it! Or simply to say Develop A SKILL! Or BLOG a lot? WEBSITE too?

Well, certainly you need to work hard for that!

10. Being with the Family all the time and fulfilling various personal responsibilities. This I agree because some students often have a lot of sisters and brothers and have their homes near their studying environment. It’s something personal =)

The Realm Of Joy and what matters the most.

So these 10 are what I observed, they are no stranger but basically what most of us are doing, what I can really conclude is, Know why you are in University, and choose the right path, network, activities, friends that can help you achieve it. Because that would really matter to your growth curve. Deep? No, it’s not, it’s basically knowing why you are here in the first place.

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