Why Lecturers should allow Students to bring Laptop to Classes?

I have just finished the class, well landscape class, and I was using my laptop all along in class, to my surprise, the lecturer didn’t object it. I guess I have said before about IF I am able to change Education system in Malaysia ,that I would prefer lecturers don’t give notes, but give the students a guideline of the subject.

Students with their Macs at California

1. Because that proves Lecturer gotta have some mind.

Allowing your students to bring laptops to your class is just like letting “Lectures vs Technology”. To be specific, the technology of sharing, which instantly makes someone “genius” with the google search. By having more access to the internet, students would sometimes be more updated than the lecturer I guess. Sometimes lecturers are really silly enough to put google-ed items into their notes, and thus when we students study online we realize everything is the same, and we start to question the lecturers if their knowledge is recognizable to create their own notes for the subject sometimes…

2. Because it doesn’t hang your knowledge halfway.

Honestly just now when lecturer hits some keywords, i was googling it and i began to realize i knew really much more and i can refer back to him about it. So you see, it keeps the dots going, It saves the lecturer time on explaining what’s not in the main subject but you have an alternative route for the information. Of course you gotta learn how to multitask in this sense and always keep with the keywords from the 2 source of information.

3. Because that forms a 2 way learning process.

Ok so let’s admit that when students have information to anything in this world, lecturers have flaws now. But that’s good too because lecturer gotta be humble in some ways and accept new ideas or concepts compared to what’s grounded in the outdated notes ages ago. It’s a 2-way learning process! I guess we all know that when both parties feel contribution in 2 ways, then both of them feel interested and wanting to do it anytime sooner again!

4. Because it works exactly like Facebook/Twitter

Facebook./Twitter  is already a good example of how people will be interested in sharing knowledge. Having connected to the internet, lecturers can now link them to the source of information where he trusts. FB or Twitter keeps people interest because it’s where that can “update” them with everything current. The same could apply in the class room because people always want to compete to know the latest updates on the specific subjects. So why not letting the students update their status sometimes too in regards to their learning process? No harm?

5. Simply because it kills the bore.

Let’s face it, people skip class because they want to be more efficient in timing sometimes. If the lecturer sucks, then skip it, but of course beware of how you judge, if the lecturer is just reading based on the notes and blablabla continue on, then there you go. If the lecturer starts to teach based on experience and true research, that i respect. And let’s face it that having a laptop in class will certainly make us awake eh? we all know how and why!

Owh well, i just love using my laptop in class. It enhanced my efficiency and effectiveness most of the time. Study Smart right?