My 3rd Turning Point in University.

It’s another minute to think about. All to say i have been thinking of this for the whole few weeks when i set my resolutions. I mentioned about my life having a few turning points. 1st one would be starting from Matrics, where i started to ponder about life and presence. Then when it comes to University through all the messy activities i found where to settle down with the interest to explore into environmental issues. And pretty much my networking and involvements were determined then. But then i have set before all these comes until final year where i would want to work on more serious thing in align with my career. ( Of course la i spare time for my own university experience right?)

I didn’t say i wanna be sitting all day into architecture, for me architecture revolves around everything in this world, because we design it, and it takes A LOT of general knowledge to be a good architect.

But with all these turning points, the body of christ remains. My Beloved CellGroup =)

Indirectly, i’m sealing off my university experience? somehow…

It’s easy to plan indeed, because the opportunities really just keeps on coming in with the amount of significant people i know right now. I never wanted to be popular, but somehow it turned out to be. I didn’t want to be inspiring at first place, but it all started from myself to find my own path but somehow people around me just get inspired somehow. All praise to God anyways. So talking about this new turning point. With that i’m still trying to find my own brand in this field. Indeed it’s another turning point, but it means it’s time for new networks and new resources =)




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Japheth is currently working as a Green Building Consultant, based in Kuala Lumpur. As an architecture fresh graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia, his passion for environmental sustainability and built environment speaks for himself. During free time, he runs his self initiative, MESYM, an open source platform aims to be the catalyst for communication platform for the better of environmental issues in Malaysia.

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