Sleeping less than 6 hours/day could bring Death.

Yeap it was stated that it could, based what’s being said in this Article with statements from some researches in America Universities. I think one good example would be me myself. For the past few semester as an Architecture student, my sleeping hour is seriously amazing, sometimes from lunch time to dinner time, sometimes from breakfast to lunch… (and no one says its a must to be so) yes it’s a result of poor time management and with another task. However, I find myself extremely productive after the midnight strikes.

It is sated by Warwick uni research that “Those who sleep lesser than 6 hours a day have a 48% chance of getting ill or death due to heart attach, and also 15% having asthma strike and thus death. And also a lack of sleep will increase obesity rate because it will increase your appetite (which I find that extremely true). But by anyways if a research is true or not, I believe most of us who belong to this lifestyle would agree that it’s not good. But then WHY continue?

Good question. Why do i still continue sleeping late? I think sometimes the issue is not because I have lesser than 6 hours sleep (most of the time I sleep at 3-4am till noon time, that will be more than 6 hours. Some say it’s not healthy but I feel that as long there’s a regular hour of sleeping then it’s ok because our body does not operate according to the sunlight right? But I think because I enjoy being nocturnal, I love the night (oh yea generally I have a longer night life) I feel that it’s where I can truly ponder about stuff and get inspiration (but yeah if the internet breaks down, then off to bed). 

But overall people sometimes really think I’m a superman. Do I facebook the whole day? Goodness, i don’t waste my time stalking but I utilize it for my social network for MESYM project stuff like this. I’m just spending my every minute doing my best. Blogging too, because it does give me reflection. That’s why sometimes as much as I admire people who sleep a lot, but not those who really facebook the whole day and do assignments slower than me, and which in the end coming up to me and sobbing over a little thing.

Gah. Life’s precious. I always go with what Richard Branson said, see your life as 10minutes gap, that’s how fast life can be. I make sure myself wake up every Morning with something to aim for, so that i know i could go to bed knowing that i already did my best for the day. I think Steve Job story would tell the best.

TOMORROW STARTS TODAY. But oh well… yea sleep enough =P

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