BYEE International Finals Germany 2011


So wow, 20 hours of flights and transit isn’t easy when you get to bath.. Penang > KLIA > Amsterdam > Dusseldorf. Spent the 12 hours draining my laptop + Ipad battery to empty anyways. Arrived here around 8am Local time. Having a short rest now before lunch and then some random walk then the program shall start =)

Really feel awesome to be in a place with different nationalities coming to share their projects. I think this is my 4th time doing this, Shanghai, India, Indonesia, and here. I realize that last time i used to think that the youths who are involve in Environmental issues in malaysia generally knows everyone in the field because all the activities and events overlaps. Same happens here i guess, the moment i reach here, it’s like a global class room, we talk about GMUN, Tunza, UN, SUSI, stuffs like as if our friends all from the same school and we have mutual friends when we scan through our nationalities.

For more pictures on the Program =P HERE!

For more pictures on anything random in Germany! HERE!

Awesome isn’t it? But i’m trying to kill few birds here with a stone. It’s my first time out of Asia, nope i’m never a rich dude but just so blessed to have people supporting me to do all these. Taking this chance to study architecture here as well as knowing really inspiring people. To my surprise, i wasn’t that excited which i’m suppose to be.

Perhaps because i’m loaded with assignments. Or perhaps, through the chat with Adeline, i’m used to travel overseas alone already and pretty random, thus it’s just like another routine. But owh yea 12 hours in the plane is not routine. But what Cathryn said is right too. It’s not like i’m here to travel or bumping the streets. But having a program that arranges key players in industries and also experts and students from other countries to talk about something in common, i think that’s something always worth to go too. But of course meanwhile, explore =)

It’s like we are VIP pulak.. Yea just a random rambling =) Gonna hit the streets! out!

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