Taking a Break to Discover my Final Year

It’s a Saturday =)  I think I miss out a lot of awesome moments especially waking up early with devotion, the mamak and reading TheStar. I think that’s a perfect day to start with. =) even my friend was like “Eh so strange to see you having breakfast here x) “

This semester has been quite a different one. Mainly because I have stopped joining activities. Ok, wait most probably those who know me would say that’s not true. Ok, I have mentioned it as one thing I wanted to do =P HERE!  One thing interesting is I notice this sem person would start a conversation with me by “So which country next?” “So what are you up to ya?” haha I don’t think I am interesting but rather what I do might be. But I think this final year can be different because…

1) I am pausing on activities and thinking of what’s next. Yes, it’s bugging me every day of thinking what’s coming up next after my final year. The path of Architecture is huge. I think one reason why I’m almost so paranoid about it is because I want to make sure the path that I want hits the right network. Among the few conversations I had was with Bryan Coll, the Public Information Officer of UNEP (The picture above) who introduced me about UN habitat. so yes I’m looking up for more opportunities to meet up with networks that can open up my eyes on Careers.

2) MESYM. I think what’s great this final year is that I can have a project where I created by my own and I can have my time determine how fast to go with it. I mean all the previous projects and activities involve other people and organizations were often under stress to rush the implementations. Thus this time I think I can spend more time on thinking and networking =)

3) It’s time for some real knowledge. As much as I could be active in and out, besides the class academics and all, I think it’s really time to focus on reading and writing ups in my own blog too =) And joining some designing competitions? I am far from it but I hope to be a person balance in both environmental issues and movement while being a designer of ideas for sustainable settlements and living.

Sometimes I am quite amazed how one can achieve some things in 3 years time too =)

All in all, God has blessed me a lot with where I am right now. Never want to lose this momentum =). Better is that I have someone inspiring supporting me too!