Where are Universities today in producing Thinkers and Reformist instead of Factory Workers?

It’s something bothering to think about.  Every time when I flip back into past photos and noticing the album I took for USM Elections where I was one of the candidates, I always got hit with thoughts. It’s when I study the difference of the APEX masterplan which by a personal conversation with our previous vice chancellor and how things are executed , I realize the production system of the future leaders is deeply needed to be worried about.

” Ultimately each of us is a unit of production. If we cannot be measure in the value we can bring to society or humanity then we are not worth measuring and we are then nothing. ” Adam Smith – the Wealth of All Nations.

At my opinion many things in Malaysia Universities is still at the constant wavelength of the narrow box, I am not talking about great students doing all kind of things but all students doing great things here. We are talking about student activist rising up from each corner and responding towards their rights to voice out freely. To those who are once uni students before 1969 would understand how significant student activism can be.

As stereotyping thoughts may define University is where you get your certificate and learning academic approach to ensure you have a future contribution to the nation development, allow me to state that it’s more important for the university to teach students on ethical being and humanity justice by any means. Students are well versed enough and mature to enter politics but now politicians are just worrying the upbringing of social media with the gen y influence could mean a lot in the upcoming GE. It’s very well stated here AUKU statements have been a paradox all these whiles.

“On Oct 31, the Court of Appeal ruled that Section 15(5) of UUCA was ‘unconstitutional and a violation of the freedom of expression’. The court ruled that the law contravened constitutionally protected freedom of expression.In reading the ruling, Justice Mohd Hishamuddin Mohd Yunus noted that most university students were “of the age of maturity.” “Whereby they could enter into contracts, sue and be sued, can marry and become parents and undertake parental responsibilities and vote in elections if they were 21 years of age. “Yet lies herein the irony that they were told that legally they cannot say anything that can be construed as supporting or opposing a political party. “Universities should be the breeding ground of reformers and thinkers, and not institutons to produce students trained as robots.”

Indirectly hereby is saying the idea in which I support that by removing the university act we could encourage student activist that trigger the mindset. We say Youth is the leader of tomorrow but we aren’t allowing them to practice to be one, they cannot do mistakes in the future but they are allowed now, to learn now through the current issues and having a voice in it.

From another Article HERE.

“A campus is not a factory producing mindless scholars. It is not a training ground for political parties. It cannot be treated like the personal or private fiefdom of the prime minister or education minister. It should be accorded proper recognition and respect – a sacred place to develop strong character, discerning mind, independent outlook.”

But one of the majority problems is students itself and parents. Parents are concerned and just want their children to graduate safely get a job and married as usual. Students want to play safe and enjoy other things in life. Life’s like that. A majority today are still like that. But we have hoped. The recent UKM4 news is the thing that challenged AUKU and many others to rethink of an Act which is outdated compared to the student’s voice today.

The change will come? No. It’s already here. Soon it will explode. Be with it!