GuangZhou Opera House- Zaha Hadid Architects

I think in the world of Architecture, we have known Zaha Hadid’s language in architecture is really about organic design and getting inspiration from many forms. One of its latest completed projects is GuangZhou Opera House. I think it’s known that if a building is well argued about, then it’s a good building because it challenges the pragmatism of architects. In my argument, well I think, yes it’s an outstanding building that does not really reflect the local culture =) It’s another language of post-modern architecture that speaks the language in any place of this world.

Zaha Hadid with the grand opera house.

(credits to wiki for the following post)  In April 2002 an International Architectural Competition attracted Coop Himmelb(l)asRem Koolhaas and Zaha Hadid – each producing detailed designs. In November 2002, Zaha Hadid’s “double pebble” was announced the winner and the groundbreaking ceremony was held early in 2005. The theatre has become the biggest performing centre in southern China and is one of the three biggest theatres in the nation alongside Beijing‘s National Grand Theatre and Shanghai‘s Shanghai Grand Theatre.

The project cost 1.38 billion yuan (approx. US$200 million).


The structure was designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid its freestanding concrete auditorium set within an audacious exposed granite and glass-clad steel frame took over five years to build and was praised upon opening by architectural critic Jonathan Glancey in The Guardian, who called it “at once highly theatrical and insistently subtle.” The dramatic structure was the source of inspiration behind fashion designer Vivienne Tam’s fall ’10 collection.