Let’s talk about Tree Top Houses, FincaBellavista

The idea of Treetop living today is simply hidden beneath the bed of many, I suppose. As the world comes to the edge of excitement for new technologies breaking new boundaries, I think more people are fascinated by urban living instead of nature. Oh yes, tree houses, It could be a universal dream which many have, but only few could experience. But what if an idea of community could be formed of the ground, on the trees?

The answer is Here.  Finca Bellavista, a treehouse community nestled in the mountains of Costa Rica. A treehouse community could certainly give you a unique answer to it’s a difference. I personally feel It’s truly one of its kind in providing the alternative living to carbon neutral built environment in a completely encouraging context. The idea I love about this place is that it will encourage users to practice consciousness, caution, and care, unlike in urban settlements even though you have green buildings but the mind might stay the same.

Yes, treehouses are meant to be hidden and blended into nature.

Carbon Neutral, Off Grid Electricity.

“We are proud to currently power our community by harnessing the energy of the sun, using a 1200-watt photovoltaic DC power system to operate FBV’s ‘base camp’ and community amenities. Our future energy needs will be met with a combination of solar and hydro assets, which we are in the process of manifesting.” It’s nice to see how conservation on Electricity practice one to be discipline in his daily usage.. and it’s really about back to the basics, drying clothes instead of dryer machine, or simple things when sometimes urban population does not even realize!

SKY Trail Transportation Network!

Eighty percent of life in the tropical rainforest resides in the upper level of the canopy and residents can enjoy this incredible realm of biodiversity with ease. SKY Trails not only allow residents of Finca Bellavista to have a fun and adventurous “commute” in and out of their rainforest homes, but also provide an exhilarating escape from the terrestrial realm and an amazing view of life in the rainforest. Imagine having a picnic lunch high above the jungle floor while surrounded by the natural glory of the birds, flowers, and other animals of the rainforest canopy.

So indeed, truly more than a green living it could offer. Let’s talk about getting back to Nature and finding inner peace. So build a tree house today. You certainly do not need an Architect to build!