Éclats de verre (Broken Glass) – Montreal

And yes I came across this at ArchDaily. Didn’t read the details of the competition held that made this happen, but I’m attracted to the concept of allowing light to define its volume by its color.   It’s placed in Place Émilie-Gamelin, Montreal, Canada and designed by Atomic3.  I agree with the statement that it’s something simple that made the public attracted back to the common spaces. Public spaces are always generally being said as a square, a gathering place, where the public event takes place.. in the context of Malaysia, most of the time it will be an open field.

Public spaces are as good as it’s meant to be, to provide a place to bring people together to form a space for everyone. But nothing much could be done when everyone is just too busy to visit it too. Take, for example, Singapore has well-maintained parks and walkways, or public spaces but it’s not so often at all that the locals will spend time at there simply because of the working culture generally.  The usage of public spaces comes when the public is aware of certain things to be attracted to the place to make a space for themselves.

The broken glass setting sets an interesting scene to create the curiosity of visitors. Furthermore the tinted glasses panels are able to be a shift.  Try imagine if Penang’s Esplanade has this. This idea may be just a simple one but it all comes down to the question of what can we put in the public spaces beside events that share the same agenda. Why not something that will generate various wavelengths of perceptions and thoughts?

If it’s here, some people will go for some photography.. play around with colors and lightings.. some artist will seek for inspirations. I don’t know. but it’s something simple yet intriguing.