Engineering the Thoughts for Global Commons

Thank God it’s Friday, I love to end the week with some thoughts over the days. Every day is a journey of learning, achievements, and happiness, as for me for the past few days I am always curious about how perceptions work in between different groups of people. Of course, we never expect everyone to be the same, neither in the environmentalist movement too that I hope everyone will come together because realistic speaking there is many other issues need people to invest in their time too.

But it all only starts when their minds are engineered to see the bigger pictures, to see the Global Commons. Picture credits to Facebook Source

The Last Century?

Let’s talk about the 21st century, a century with so much of communications going on, and many potential threats and it’s definitely the highlighted century of mankind that marks whether we can breakthrough this century. Recalling back AlGore’s quote ” Old Habits plus Old Technology have predictable consequences. Old Habits, that are hard to change, plus New Technology can have dramatically altered consequences.” I really doubt if I can live to see my children, some say environmental disasters are overrated, probably those who are still comfortable living in their homes in which their country isn’t affected yet, Malaysia is definitely one of them.

Global Commons, Global Warming

Simply because we have not thought about the Global Commons. What goes around the world, will eventually come back to you. The habit of oblivious within most of us each day just puts us a distance away from the need to change because the problem is not in our backyard yet. Most people is aware of global warming but really yet to understand what it means and its heavy consequences. Global Commons example could be Himalaya which is home to about 15000 glaciers that provides water during the melting season to about 600million people across Bhutan, India, Nepal, China, and Pakistan. All these countries could be sharing the same rivers and thus it affects one another on how they manage it.

Engineering The Mind

The 21st century is about a new range of economy or technology but a new century of thoughts must be made. We are still stuck with the same old habit of craving improvements so much that we are lost on to really see where human beings are heading to, at a global scale. Education is one big key point to this, students can be taught about so much about knowledge but the way of thinking is the essential part of building up an individual’s masterpiece, the mind.  The true asset of a country is the human talent, a force with critical minds that is able to bring things back to the right track. Ethics is the basic principle to this, Political Will is another story to be told.

Putting yourself into the Picture.

So are you someone trying to sharpen your fishing skill and hoping good rewards will be caught every time? Don’t get happy too soon when you know that your source is gone, or your rights are overwritten by some other party. I stand up for environmental issues, I don’t really work as an environmentalist yet, but I try to play my basic ethics in all the other issues, to always try to aware how the system or policies from society today, from human rights to many other issues. All these need people to invest their time to do the good thing. And in Malaysia, we are lacking behind in having the public to come forward to defend for their neighbors right, yet.

There needs to have a new engineering in understanding the Global Commons.