How I Define LIFE when I was 18.

This was my hostel room when I was 18. When I finished high school, enrolled into UTAR for Foundation in Civil Engineering, but then got the offer from Higher Education to join the local matriculation program, I did not hesitate much but I just went off to where I was sent to, Malacca Matriculation College. I went into it without much hesitation, majorly because I just want to be far from home. Matriculation life indeed changed me A LOT as how I wrote it in WhatsAfterSPM (See HERE for my blog post) I was one of the 101 writers to share our stories what options do we have after SPM. Either way,

College is a good way of entrance into knowing what’s life about, just put all your comfort and reliance away and invite the world in. This is what I wrote for part of my English assignment during that time, a friend of mine sent it to me just now as I sent this to her 3 years ago as an encouragement, but little did i know that I am deeply encouraged by my writing skills that time and the content that is still very relevant today. So, presenting what I wrote when I was 18.

Defining Life at the age of 18

It’s just like every other, same night when I marvel at the outside of my window, where diamonds of starlight suspend themselves in the unknown majestically. As the lullaby that sang along by the crickets quietens down my soul into my dreams, I baffled myself into the familiar question again. What’s LIFE again?

In my book, I always relate life to many things. Life is just like a battlefield, not a bed of roses. It’s meant for a life of fickle and fun challenges that will constantly enrich our understandings. Live out a life of actions rather than reactions! Life is short and fragile; it’s all up to us how we want to live it out loud. Always initiate challenges for yourself because it is the source of motivation and dignity. James Ullman once said ‘Challenge is the core and mainspring of all human actions. If there’s a wrong, we right it; if there’s a record, we break it; if there’s a mountain, we climb it.’ I have a dream, which is to form a group cycling group that will conquer all the highways in west Msia in one month time. We are just so well fed in this century of technology, I respect technology but I doubt that people today appreciate them, because we are born with it. It’s like a medicine for us every day , taking antibiotics too much isn’t good, same goes here, being dependent on technology discourages some treasured values I presume. Every moment when I look into my mom’s being, I get the picture of how the past hardships have molded her into someone whom I regard as my heroin today.Life is just like being a cactus in the desert. You have to grow on your own roots; you are to have your own goals in your life. You are the leader of your own. Don’t simply accept facts in this cyber age because counterfeit facts are all around on the net. So debate within yourself, be solid of your beliefs and trust, get a grip of your own philosophy, and that’s when self-integrities comes in. I’ve got interesting analogies for life. It’s just like sailing a boat in the Atlantic Ocean, you are the leader of it, you repair and upgrade the boat, see who reaches to the unchartered place first. Speed is the ultimate competitive weapon. Be first in the field, do it now, keep it simple, keep your eye on the ball! Be aware of your surroundings.

You have to know your thermometer of your life, which is your personality and goals; about how ‘hot’ is the enthusiasm from the inside out of yourself. Be certain that your existence has a purpose, no matter what religion you are or even being an atheist, having an objective in life is the key to everything. Just like every camp committees, they start off the meeting with the same thing, objective. This is the stepping stone to almost everything, all decisions are based upon it, and it’s the core of your heart and decisions. My objective is to be a motivator, to almost everyone who passes by me, well perhaps one of the reasons why I have the urge to write these thoughts.

Living life to the fullest is all about racing against you. It’s not about the achievements and the respect you earn by getting high position or being famous in anywhere, but the degree you have manipulated your personalities from them, towards a positive one of course. I’ve always related life with Marathon races one after another because you need to maintain your running phase in life if you want to achieve something extraordinary; and there is no time for celebration, but continue to step out for a more demanding challenge! There is no time to regret over something in life or many of us ‘emo over it.

If I would be granted a wish, I would want more time. The man who started IKEA divides his day into ten minutes section; he says ‘Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into ten minutes units, and don’t waste even a minute.’ The world is just so vast and abundance with all sorts of knowledge. , I wish I could master all of them but it seems like the most I could cover up few areas only. That’s why no one is perfect. In this case, life is just like a canvas, it all depends on how you color it creatively. Create excitement in everything you do, and if something needs doing, do it yourself; always look beyond the obvious and put your ass on the line. Don’t be a leech, be a History Maker. Be a difference Maker, you are here to impact the world, to make this place a better place to live in. Heal the world, do no harm.

Take time to realize, recapitulate, relearn and ready for the arbitrary mystery events. The person who dreamed up the Big Mac doesn’t believe in the wasting of time, ‘If you have time to lean, then have time to clean’. Life is so hectic that we don’t have time to recognize the value of our past memories. If someone inquires me about my wish to be placed, I would say a large plain field, where boundaries of skies and earth are indistinguishable, where nothing else in my sight besides the lovely sky, rough texture grass, and my guitar. This is where past memories and lessons will embrace me and drive me further in future with the fortitude I’ve earned from analyzing my past. Some of us have the conception to not look at the past since you can’t change them, but ironically, I think it’s the enthusiasm created by it that will impact you further away. I believe we should assess our lives from time to time. Have we reached our goals? Are there things we can weed out that we don’t need?

Now , if you have ever imagined you had your worst day ever and complaining about almost everything under the sky. Then you should take the look at the unfortunate ones. Hellen Keller proved that her world of darkness and silence are not her boundaries to learn. She persevered through it, she tried, and she succeeded. We are considered fortunate enough, we are healthy, we are having fun and a proper education with an allowance! Imagine people in the hospital, they are yearning for a 2nd chance. We have a chance right now, so what are you going to do with it? Live it out loud!

We are 18, no longer teenage years soon, and soon enough to be young adults. I believe it’s time to move on, to open up our eyes to the real factors and current issues instead of sticking our eyes to the books. Yes, education is important, but they are just going to earn you an interview but not a job. I believe it takes more than social skills in interviews, people wants to know how much you know about the world, how determined are you, and also how much self-esteem you’ve got, not just the ability to communicate well. Economy, Politics, Social world, it’s time to move into these, not just wandering around our matriculation syllabus. Always think out of the box, always think from the back and all perspective, listen to many instead of one, value your contacts right now because you might need to use them in the future job field. It’s a race, a competition of one’s ability to perceive the right and wrong and move on to a higher level of knowledge. Be an optimist instead of a pessimist, think the yes way instead of no when challenges pile up your environment. Have the practice of enduring the aversion to talking to someone you dislike because imagine this, in future, business is everyone’s world, if want to join effort with an annoying guy but the reward is decent, that’s when the skill comes in.

I suppose the greatest assets for a difference maker in his own life is the attitude. Get your mind set right. A wise man once said ‘It’s your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude.’ You get attitude from 7 areas, personalities, environment, the impression towards others, self-image, experience, association with peers, and most importantly, beliefs. You need confidence and competence in order to make your life stratospheric. Dreamers don’t drive dreams to possibilities, they live it to reality. You might laugh at their unfeasible goals but most entrepreneurs who succeed are those who step up to almost everything that came into their minds. Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Companies, has the motto of ‘screw it, let’s do it’ and has put his company’s name beyond anyone could think of. He wasn’t a P.h.D holder, neither a person who manage to step into college, just one thing that made his name well admired Attitude. Nothing ventured, nothing gain. Think yes, not no. Be yourself, be a history Maker. I have never been one to do things by the books, but I have been inspired and influenced by many remarkable people, I hope that you too might find a little inspiration between these pages.

That was me during Matrics, even though after times of reading it, I still find myself so empowered and motivated that time, more than I am today actually. I still can’t imagine that was me really! and that was me writing it! How I hope I could teleport to the 3 years ago me and just say “Well done Mate! Look at where you are now!” Till today I am still amazed to the enthusiasm I had then, to really stay up late and yet physically active in sports competition, ok so to say, that is really one fulfilling college life.

And yes I made myself knew in the college for few reasons, one of it is the WHITE PANTS. well with this, I could grab the special sit to balance out the class picture. Hah!