The Finale of DYEA 2012 with MESYM

So it’s over. One of the many highlights this year of 2012 is DYEA program Denso Youth for Earth Action, a CSR program by Denso that’s organized for youths to facilitate and encourage them to execute their action plan to tackle the issues they face on. I think it’s rather long, from the 50+ entry projects to 20 selected participants for the local program, 3 selected to Global program in Japan, and one chosen as the best project, glad that MESYM has made it (well that’s my project).

But really, it doesn’t feel like a competition at all, that’s what I love the most. Rather, to see it as a platform to build up the youth capacity as a leadership pipeline for an environmental issue. Though this program span is long, from July all the way till December, but I think it’s really all about achieving the sustainability of the program itself. So yes like I said, everyone is a winner, and I could really wish all these 20 would have gone through the training in Japan, so far it’s the best trip to date to offer to any youths, NOT traveling,  but people and skills development.

Credits to Steph for the pic. Thanks to all of you who came back and some others who are busy or far away. If there’s one thing I hope is that this isn’t the last but the opening for more possibilities. People ask me “So what do I get from Denso as the ‘winner’ for the best project?’ I would say, support. And that means a lot.

I think what i would love as the prize as is to come back to DYEA 2013 program to help as an alumni, or facilitator, or whatever it could be. I find that serving as a recognition or award, i think simply that really means a lot to me because i want to do as much as i could to move things forward.

People development, is always the key ingredient, to many things, and it motivates me a lot too. I would like to spread the self-empowerment because I believe a better community of youths doing their very best for all kind of issues or passions all starts with a person. And thanks DYEA for letting this to happen.

Oh yes, i never really talk about MESYM before in this blog as this blog focuses on my building performance passion writings, but do visit WWW.MESYM.COM and that will say pretty much. Also feel free to read my previous post on winning BYEE Germany trip too via this project.