Hari Kebangkitan Rakyat Malaysia #HKR112 – The Magnificent Sight of Malaysian Spirit

Never there was any scene that I have seen my country’s people being so united, only in rallies like this and when it comes to standing together and finding our own space to express our dissatisfaction where the mainstream media couldn’t do so. I never had in mind that we will be heading towards the historical Independence Stadium, where during 1957, 55 years ago, this was the very place that officiated our independence. And here we are again because we want a new independence from everything we faced today, which is mostly unsaid in the public media and this is one of the few ways for us to express it.

Kebangkitan Rakyat Malaysia_00094

So it is the People Uprising Rally. I only went to the previous Bersih 3.0 gathering at Penang, but this rally isn’t only about clean and fair elections, in fact it was marched from 8 gathering spots from with 8 different causes, namely the student group with Student Solidarity Activist Malaysia SMM, Socialist Party of Malaysia, NGO of National Felda Settlers Association and also Royalty Recovery Coalition on the issue of Oil and Gas landing rights to Kelantan and Terengganu, Save Jalan Sultan and Heritage Village group, People’s Alliance Women, Himpunan Hijau Group, Solidarity Youth Coordinator Malaysia and many more. As the rally title says, the uprising rally.

Kebangkitan Rakyat Malaysia_00035 I was just there from 12pm onwards, while I know there are a lot of people who were there since the previous night to monitor situation or preparations. Anyways so yes it was safe, though I was expecting plots to happen (ahh that’s why I brought my Tele lens) but well most of the pictures are taken with my new UWA lens. I would say it’s definitely 100k people, considering there are still 25k+ outside lingering around with the mini-carnival atmosphere. And hey, who says the rally causes economy loss, so many people selling food and stuff la!

So yes the story of the day is again, made up of PEOPLE. From anywhere, any cause, any age, any race and anything. I urge myself to come for this rally not because of supporting PKR or whatsoever, i believe both parties have their own achievements and flaws, but am here to understand the society of Malaysia, or to experience what is it like to be with all the other who wears the same shoe like you in hope for the many optimistic future of this nation despite some have expressed their regrets and leaving the country. I am here to know what the opposition and NGO leaders have to deliver, in fact i have been to a number of occasions of BN events and also DAP talks.

HKR112Nevertheless it does feel good to finally see the both sides physically and hear what they have to say and happily deciding for yourself whom to trust to rather of what the media has to decide for you. It is my to surprise too, i thought i have known quite a lot of the reading around but it shocks you even more when there are so many other things happening in other states such as the Felda with the falling price of FGVH and Oil and Gas landing rights too. Of course glad to meet Anwar, GuanEng, Ambiga, Abdul Hadi, Wong Teck, and all on one occasion together.

Kebangkitan Rakyat Malaysia_00058

And yes the stage was very far from my sight, taken with my 300mm zoomed distance. Yes that Guan Eng and the others behind him.

Kebangkitan Rakyat Malaysia_00083

And yes, of course, it was very hot and surely everyone did sun burnt.

Kebangkitan Rakyat Malaysia_00076

And definitely, it is a sea of yellow and green, and some red.
HKR112But I really admire how Himpunan Hijau gain to grow its number of supporters to be as huge as Bersih. If there are doubts about Malaysia’s Grass Root leadership, Bersih and Himpunan Hijau are already the testimony for many. And hopefully, even more from other states as the countdown to GE 13 begins. HKR112Looking forward for more Rallies and actually, thinking about it, it is the part where I could remember everyone’s optimistic smile during today that caught me into this realm, like, this is it, it’s where Malaysians marching because they know they can make the change, it’s where they want to send their message across, while some can say it is a waste of time. I think too them, and me, this is what happens when things you read move you into a physical state of action.

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