Experiencing Petaling Jaya by 2 Wheels

2013 1123 Bicycle Tour PJ_00026

The same, familiar adrenalin again. Hasn’t felt it for quite some time. It’s been quite a few years of cycling as of now, from the teenage years in high school, to the 3 years of university in Penang, and now, cycling on the daily basis as much as i can to work. People always question if i cycle as a strategy of cutting my carbon footprint, i would say yes, partially due to the fact that i do it on a routine basis, but it is an underrating answer to say such as various studies have shown the social and economic impact of the wonder of the 2 wheels, and i couldn’t agree more, and i could go on and on, especially how bike touring will be able to rejuvenate the economy of small town.

Reminiscing back to the years of university where I would just rush out of my hostel during the weez hours, after rushing all the assignments and catch the sun rise at Esplanade, it is all about the sensual experience with the senses around you, to feel the rushing breeze, to hear the chirping of the birds, and sometimes, to smell how polluted the river is.. and then the next would be the curry laksa. That’s how I got to know Penang by the 2 wheels, unlike one would enclose himself in a hundred tons steel box and tuning his own environment of sound and smell.

This time around, I join a group of cyclists that have been involved in the KL cycle map project, a project that surveys and charts down crucial short cuts for a cyclist to travel fast and safe, for a ride around Petaling Jaya. The objective of the ride is pretty much achieved, that is to understand the history behind places and a reason for the bicycle beyond cycling.

2013 1123 Bicycle Tour PJ

The ride is pretty much from the north point of PJ all the way to the south. Starting from TTDI, heading up to Kampung Sungai Penchala, then down to a community farming initiative, the TTDI Edible Project, then to CETDEM, an environmental NGO’s project on organic farming, also a few detours to Sg Penchala to ride on the awareness of the polluted river stream, and following down to PKNS flats, then to PJ Old Town “New Village”, and lastly, a social enterprise cultivating on the passion for permaculture, Eats Shoots & Roots.

2013 1123 Bicycle Tour PJ1

Riding through the path less taken, Kampung Sungai Penchala, and being told that that is the short cut to Desa Park City, Kampung Sungai Penchala is a stone throw away, actually, rather, a patch between PJ and KL that is still pretty laid back and local community bonded. Here we observed the water quality of Sungai Penchala from the rural setting to the suburban setting and realized the distinctive difference.

2013 1123 Bicycle Tour PJ2

Some pictures from the visit to CETDEM. Mrs. Tan, the project coordinator for organic farming showing us around. 2013 1123 Bicycle Tour PJ3

Falling back into the urban streets and reaching to the southern tip, PJ Old Town, where it’s being said this new village is built by the British during the 1950s to ensure the Chinese are placed away from the influence of communist. Signs of wooden houses and community living seems to be EV

Lastident.2013 1123 Bicycle Tour PJ4Last stop is Shao Lyn’s Eats Shoots and Roots! Always wanted to drop by but haven’t got the time. Amazing compact permaculture idea for a landed house. One could just feel the distinctive environment upon stepping in, greeted by various herbs plants which I don’t know of! and also tadpoles in her mini wetland!

I suppose that’s a total of 20km+, looking forward to more rides in the future exploring the lost spaces of KL/PJ again! More Pictures HERE.