Living Up Everyday Happily

Recently I came across this video spreading across Facebook, the story is basically about Azmi, or known as Pak Mie, who has dedicated his life to rescuing stray dogs and cats, despite living in a country where dogs, especially, are considered taboo, filthy and un-Islamic. I am really glad that his son is running the social media to let us understand what’s happening better. To date, he has rescued more than a whopping 600 stray animals, a figure that no other licensed shelters have ever accommodated.


To see this video really reminds me of a particular thing, Happiness. Yes, of course, it is inspiring that one will do that much, albeit living amid of the tons of justification towards him, and also threaten him to move away if not the authority will kill all the dogs. But you hear him, this is what he is passionate about, busy days, easy life like sleeping in the car, but he is Happy.

How many of us today can escape from the ‘reality’ that is set by stereotype society on paving our future pathways that are monetary based. The society we live in today, mostly in cities, are so tune into financial savings, housing investment, earning big bucks and hoping to secure a good family and retirement life. These people live on each day and give their very best and go to sleep with happiness. In which, you don’t often find it here around us. At many times I hope to do things like this, hopefully, can do it as soon as possible before I regret living my life for the concern of the people towards me.

For more information about Pak Mie please visit or his Facebook (managed by his son)

A Stray Hero from Hisyam on Vimeo.