Age is just a number, the thinking process is the Answer

I remembered that I first started to spark myself to think about life in general when it comes Matriculation College… The truth is, these moments are never fixed, it always has something to do when something hits you hard. Some people could experience it during university, some after the 30s, some when they work till they are worn out. But Some as early as 19 would do so. Our stereotype thoughts would be some people can start a business after they graduated and slowly talking about being more ethical and improving their CSR when their business is successful. This story states otherwise.

When you have a social entrepreneur at the age of 19 having her own company speaking on getting her first inspiration during 9 years old by building a solar car. So you see, the wavelength or the thinking process of an issue is not determined by age but exposure and always many self-intriguing moments. This is just one of the examples of the hundreds of youths today doing their best at defining what an ethical business should be like.

And the thing about social entrepreneurship is that it’s not something exclusive but ethical, it seems to be a new term today. Is it because business has been unethical and always in profit and forgetting their impact on social aspect? That’s why here come social entrepreneurs to the rescue? And it could be a good way to brand them too? The business world today has much to talk about it. In fact social entrepreneurs is not a field but it’s something everyone can achieve, in any business, any profession. By just thinking about the overall business process what we have affected, be it social or environmental or something else, and thinking about how to be ethical for the damage we caused.

And this girl just reminds me so much of, the project I am doing right now which draws just only 80-100 hits a day but many have said it would be a huge help in many ways.. but I have both things to juggle. Academics and MESYM. Possible? We will see how long more it could go =)