A summary of my India Trip 2012

So yes. It’s been a week away from Malaysia. Glad to have landed safely in LCCT this morning, followed by a long 8 hours of sleep. Just couldn’t get a good sleeping posture on the night flight and I  was Ipad-ing when everyone else snores. Thank God that everything has been safe and smooth. and a lot of excitement indeed. And in 3 days I will be off to Vietnam.

The 1 week apparently seems to be quite long, I was there for a 2 days conference YUVA meet 2012, Following by a trip to AGRA to the Taj, and then a 3 days DSDS Conference, and an unexpected trip to Nodki for a village tour on a case study. I have uploaded all the albums on FB =) Click on the link for a virtual tour =)

well, and of course only if you are a friend then you can access the photos. The whole one week was great. Many situations where I did not expect to meet different people. When I was in YUVA I met all the candidates of course.. and when I went to Agra, I traveled alone, but ended up traveling with 3 people which 4 of us could represent 4 continents. And when I was in DSDS, I met India citizens who are now in the west working, or SMEs or government officers to chat around with almost anything.. or to know better of India.

I think this is what I call Travelling. By this one week, I think I have understood India significantly (ok not to the extent because India is so big) because I have engaged with various locals of different levels… in comparison with a tourist who just hoops on the bus and goes to the monuments. Throughout this trip, I really thank God that I have not only known India better but other countries surrounding it because of the diversity of the participants. DSDS also offer another huge insight in which it’s never what I had before in previous conferences, it’s more to policies, governance and we were talking about Global Agenda there. And the one day trip to Nodki brought me to a rural village of South Delhi, in which I don’t think a tourist would do that.

The overall DSDS was an emotional one, as much as I could not compare it with COP or the upcoming RIO but I believe it’s around to the scale of it of having different nations coming together to share their situations in their countries in relevance to global sustainability. I did meet a few inspiring people from different profiles, but what matters to me is what’s going to continue after DSDS. Well, that is a long story. Anyways in a sum. the whole week in India was a great one, with great food and great people, seriously. (Refer to the pic of me and the mutton) HAHAHA

I always regard India as the place of thoughts and Answers. It’s a place that could stir up your awareness to be glad of where you are if you are able to even read this by accessing into the internet.

Oh yea just a picture of what I bring. I always travel with only one big backpack and my Camera DSLR bag. Did does not regret in investing 400+ into a good camera bag that’s really durable and multifunction, well it fits my iPad and a couple of accessories. Well, you do not expect to pull your luggage in India right?

I do not fancy traveling to urban areas if that’s very much defining the understanding culture of people by understanding the urbanscape of cities. Many countries are reflected not upon of their cities. China for example. Shanghai has nothing great relevance to the culture of Chinese. I say this after a 2 months stay in there =)