2012 Year of Discovery > 2013 Year of Excellency

Yes, I spent my new year 2013 countdown this time in Malacca, last year was in Penang, looking forward to countdown 2014.. to be in Hongkong? Anyways as usual when the calendar changes its face every year, so here I took the time to think about how was 2012 and what I hope 2013 could be.

FYI I have had always done resolution checkpoints before every quarter in the past few years but not now anymore because I am putting the next checkpoint to be 25 years old. In which I am giving myself 3 years time to achieve something before 25 years old.


And yes 2012 was a double thumb up. Among the major highlights:

  1. India – Representing UNU United Nations University Malaysia to India for 2 conferences (yes for the 2nd time)
  2. Indochina – Visited Cambodia and Vietnam with the girlfriend – Thanks to cheap flight tickets I only spent a total of 1k for the 6D trip.
  3. Final Semester- It was my final semester with the least credit unit (11units) but yes instead it was my first ever nerdy semester.
  4. Events – I still do run around for Events and Conferences on and off, perhaps that’s what kept me, still busy.
  5. Philippines – Yes I took one month off after final semester to do what I want to do, farm stay, cycling around peninsula, and visited the PP ( i spent only 500ringgit!)
  6. First official Job – I came back and had 3 interviews within 1 week and sealed off my first ever job in IEN Consultants.
  7. DYEA – Denso Youth for Earth Action basically took up my half year time, from joining the competition over 50 other entries, selected to be the 20 to join the local program, selected to be the top 3 to represent to Japan, and lastly selected to be the best project. Thanks to my MESYM project.
  8. Japan – Yes I was there for DYEA finals, nice 10 days of the learning experience and international friends.
  9. Career – 4 months of the first job with a lot of interesting learning going on 😉

Busy? Not really, I think my first 2 years of uni life is far crazier than this. But that’s ok it’s my 2 years of discovery on what platform to land on, in which this final year eventually I am very much branded by my friends as the environmentalist person (oh well…)

But really why do I say 2012 as a Year of Discovery, during the whole first half I was really going around and stressing/thinking if I should continue my architecture masters, in the end, i decided to choose a very different path which enters me to my current career. It’s quite a decision year too, I did A LOT of searching for an overseas masters program and all too! but later on I have settled this path, and I think it’s my right choice =)

That’s pretty much 2012 for me. No, I don’t really set for resolutions this year, where I want to go travel or whatever.. though hopefully I can finish up Burma and Laos and Brunei to complete my SEA trip. But why Year of Excellency? Because I want to be good at what I am doing, which I am still new to it.

Soon I will be starting my masters, expecting it around March, in which I will be working as well, same work, thank goodness for this opportunity, and yes hopefully with this masters I will be good with what I love. And meanwhile, growing up MESYM website too. And also not forgetting, taking time off to give back inspiration and support to all the youths outside there, that’s my source of inspiration too.

Oh yes, it shall be a year of good food and good health too. So welcome for the new year. And all the best goes to you who are reading this too 😉

And yes my gratitude really to all the awesome people I have met over the year of 2012, thanks to all of the positive vibes and inspiration, may us all keep each other keep on goin’!