DO SOMETHING GOOD Restaurant – A Random Thought

 I am not so sure if the name is too cliche.. but yes that’s the whole intention of this idea of a restaurant. I have always thought that the Architecture of 21st century is the Architecture of Regenerative, simply because we are indeed living in a century with a lot of problems. And yes, a restaurant can do something good about it! Starting from the restaurant itself… Previously i have written about Bishan-AngMoKio park, which i strongly believe it is a prime example of more than providing green spaces, but patching back the social fragmentation of the communities surrounding it.

Despite being a green building consultant and i have much support for lower carbon footprint buildings, i always believe it is an important (or more) aim to create our built environment to rejunevate the surroundings, be it environmentally or socially. Do Something Good Restaurant (ok memang cliche pun!) is an idea i thought out of randomness.. while staring at my room’s ceiling.. I was hoping to really have the time to quickly design one.. or just sketch the schematic layout and render it.. but well will do that next time.


A rendering image from my university days.. Designed a common space for underprivileged children..

Instead of walking into conventional restaurant everyday… have you ever thought how the design and practices of the restaurant have hindered us in terms of social fragmentation and not knowing what goes into our food, or not knowing how the food we eat is linked to Climate Change? So, What if there is a restaurant that aims to regenerate the world to a better place amid of problems from various different contexts? A restaurant that will bridge the barrier of social and environmental issues and a restaurant to make people understand their food better.. A restaurant that is…

Just a rendering image!

Combats Climate Change

  • Meatless menu – Speaks fair enough. Food relates pretty much to the issue of climate change.. the fact is that many forest is clear up for huge scale poultry farming, and meat like 1kg of Beef consumes nearly 5,000 liters of water to be produced.. not to mention again.. methane produced from the life span of the animals as well..
  • Super Energy Efficient and Nett Zero Energy Usage – Considering that it is serving meatless then certainly could save a lot of energy.. Will try to do away with ‘indoor area’ with AC or artificial lighting.. rather, celebrate the tropical climate in a rational manner by enjoying the natural ventilation and diffuse skylight (chinese shophouses proves well..) By this, majority of the power usage will come from small kitchen appliances and small power..
  • Locally Sourced Vegetables/Herbs – Grows some/majority/all of the vege & herbs right at the rooftop.. Try to source for food from near sources.. Nearer sources means lower carbon footprint from logistics, as well as storage in ice storage…
  • Utilize the Waste, Closed Loop Practice – Ensure all waste goes to composting and thus used for the rooftop garden.. Do you know that food waste is one of Malaysia’s highest carbon footprint? The methane produced out of compost is no joke to climate change! And considered that we have 15,000 tonnes of food waste daily! Or edible left overs should be used to feed the homeless..
  • Appreciate the Deformed Vegetables -Buys in vegetable that is not commercially viable (doesn’t look appealing due to shape etc but still healthy to be eaten).. to prevent wastage..
  • Discourage Nature Deficit Restaurant! Allows customer to go rooftop garden and pick their own vege to be cooked.. to fight the nature deficit built environment we are in today.. How many people touches anything that is natural these days..
  • Allow Customers to Understand their food impact– Have a carbon footprint calculation of their food consumption… let’s face it, how many of us know which part of the world our food is coming from?
  • Recycling Reusing-Have a community recycling center.. reuse reusable things to build something..

Bridging Communities

  • Employing the “forgotten” Groups – Employing disabled people OKUs or alternative lifestyle groups according to the public stereotypes.. to run the restaurant.. When is the last time you really get to know them?
  • Share the Table – Table Sharing concept is a must. Never a gap/space between people. Encourage people to spark off conversations.
  • Open Kitchen – Have open kitchen concept.. where the cook/chef is no longer hidden. How do you eat something that you don’t know who’s cooking it?
  • Know Who Delivers Your Food –Have the kitchen materials delivered through front door rather back door. Allow people to know what goes in their food & who brings their food to the kitchen.
  • Food Source Gallery – Have photo gallery or menu showing where their food is coming from, who plants them.. How many of us know where our food is coming from anyways?
  • Reward the Do Something Good! – Have selective discounts if they do some social worthy thing in the restaurant..
  • Waste No Food! Food Bank! – Have a community food bank.. community can bring and collect their additional food stock here for the homeless..

Healthy Living

  • Know how this Food Impacts Your Health – Display in menu calories and ingredients of each item.. which paste is also specified.. What vegetable/fruit is good for what..
  • Justice for Sugarless! – Having the option of NO SUGAR for drinks…. and lower price for that..

Anymore suggestions?

Then people would pay to come here and eat not because mainly of the food, but the lessons. Thought about this quite awhile. Any restaurant that you have seen moving into this direction?… hmm perhaps a kickstarter to do this? haha.