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Just another ordinary Mid-20s Malaysian trying to understand me, the country and the world better. Call me Japheth, or Gene-Harn, the curious mind who is currently completing my MSc (Architecture) Sustainable Design back in Malaysia. I am currently working in Singapore as an Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD) Consultant, something that has been a passion of mine that feeds my conviction to participate climate change mitigation effort as well as utilizing my skill set on Architecture or the built environment.

I am an ESFJ by the personality test of MBTI. I believe that I am a people driven person, rather project, which sort of makes sense of how I have managed to met some of you here ( a total stranger) and eventually get acquainted with many passionate topics! I am a typical Chinese boy raised in a Chinese primary school and SMK secondary school, which is subsequently blessed to participate in a diverse culture tertiary environment by going through Government Matriculation and Public University.

I will like to consider myself as an environmental and cyclist advocate. I easily dive into all sort of other fields of interest that rhymes under the sphere of justice. A recent discovery of interest will be Anti-Globalization and Capitalism, thanks to Naomi Klein’s Climate vs Capitalism, it has given me a headstart in understanding that somewhat, the root of all global problems we face today can be related to the very fact of our self-destructing economy.  Passion is not an easy tool to be found, I found mine years ago when I was in Shanghai educating students on energy efficiency and renewable energy. I am always exploring and discovering (or even rediscovering my own) via the ISO Interest Skill Opportunity aspects. I had gone through the marathon pace of self-discovering during university I suppose, via many events and initiatives such as establishing Youth Energy Squad, and MESYM (Malaysia Environmental Sustainability Youth Movements) after then. Also, joining national and international conferences/ competitions.

Middle of my 1 week East coast Bike Touring! Life changing tour!

Middle of my 1 week East coast Bike Touring! Life changing tour!

But right now, I have taken a step back and trying to focus my energy on a niche area which I am still finding! Which, of course, integrating it with my future career. I try to be at my best of balancing my time and energy in career via professional consultation field, academic research line, and volunteering on the ground.  And yeap! Just a bit of personal sharing. Well, I am the typical outdoor person who goes long distance exploration cycling as well as everyday commuting, but also, I would consider myself to have a pure obsession with time spent in the kitchen and DIY tools. I think to sum it up, I am just another ENTJ mid-20s who is still being hopeful, idealist, yet pragmatic, that loves to taste life from as many perspectives as possible. Oh, and my happiness realms around the things and people around me, which explains why I find joy celebrating other people’s success instead of mine.


Yes, I have a deep obsession over a single foldable bicycle and hoping to see the world getting rid of the private car ownership craze that does not make any logical sense in any aspect of urban planning, carbon bubble, and congestion stress.