Learning from BERSIH 2.0

The most familiar pic of Bersih 2.0

I can’t put this in words. I thought I could type out a long winded post telling head to toe what happened. Even I bookmarked on the links I wanna blog about during 709. But with this 1am morning weez and having to work tomorrow, I think I have a very simple thing to say.

To be really fair and square, I think there is this paradox in me. At some point of view, I know BERSIH is on the right track but some thoughts of having its own agenda by different people, on the other hand in BN, some really pressed hard against BERSIH but there are people who said the right thing like Saifuddin said they should listen to SUHAKAM. All in all, there are inner splits again in these 2 parties. I think there is no need for me to tell out the whole plot, including the different medias, Bernama & TheStar & TV3 etc versus MalaysiaKini. I have been following BERSIH the whole day and after, just regretted I didn’t really go down and join the crowd.

But on the other hand, I am glad because I wouldn’t be overtaken by the emotional thoughts. It’s true, like in the case of Lynas, take out the emotional parts, let’s talk about facts and logics. I have learned much from the post-event part especially, after people being to the rally, and how the group requesting Najib to resign etc. As much as I don’t like the government at some points, I find it doesn’t really making any sense for people to over react. More perhaps because BERSIH side supporters find their news source restricted and hence adding the emotional point to it. Let’s face it, it’s social media that changed the scene. And that also adds up more assumptions and the speed of discovery could lead one to felt more of the feeling. 

People has different reacts to different press releases. As much as I admit I did post up a lot of (Not so really about clean elections but anti-BN things), I felt that I have fallen to the state as if the government has no hope. The truth is there is because the hope we have been looking for is right in front of us, it’s us. And whether which side we stand, I suggest we jut really take things at a more rational point, no matter which side you claim you are at.

Well, and some randomly edited pictures I found in conjunction with yellow fever.

Pikachu at scene as well… one thing that made us realized, no wonder Digi reception so bad. don’t see any dig man aka yellow man these few days. or even Maybank!