Teach For Malaysia: A Life Changing Program for Many Youths

If you haven’t heard for Teach For Malaysia, then probably you aren’t a vivid press reader =) Today I met Rubini, one of the dinos in AIESEC, and frankly, I’m quite inspired when she said she decided to leave Intel and go for TeachForMalaysia. Some of you may hear or not, but here’s the brief explanation.

Teach For Malaysia is an independent, not-for-profit organization that is enlisting Malaysia’s most promising future leaders in our mission to end education inequity. The Teach For Malaysia Fellowship is a two-year, full-time and fully paid leadership development program modeled after the extremely successful Teach For America initiative. We are one of 19 partners of the prestigious global education network Teach For All. Teach For Malaysia is selecting 50 of Malaysia’s most outstanding future leaders for our inaugural intake in January 2012. More INFO HERE.

Personally, some could straight link it to community work… or say.. missionary? But what hits me the most is this.

“One day, all children in Malaysia will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education”

To me, this vision certainly comes out from people who really dare to dream. No, it’s not a dream, and TFM is already here ready to fulfill it. The main thing is to break the stereotype thinking that people in the rural area can’t get good in studies and have to lay back with the typical family business, simply because hope seems despair in many cases. But this vision is a daring one, and the selected 50 people sure have a brave heart  to do so.

This simple program leads me to think a lot. There’s a lot to talk about for Social work or community service. In simple conversation people could relate it to good heart, or “I will do it when I have the free time” way. (which eventually never would). But once again, only those who really walk the talk will know how much it means and the happiness to be involved in such, it’s something money can’t buy for sure. Nothing beats it. Only if I am a graduate, I would also join the same thing. But wait,  sometimes I doubt. Frankly, it’s not easy to have someone in their 20s when they start to build up their career and starting for financial planning etc to just let go everything and spend 2 years in their 20s in this program. To me, that’s really a respect. I know this TFM program is going to be a life-changing one, a turning point for every one of them, and they all join it because they know they would face it. Personally, I think, let go of all the selfish life and think of all these children, then you would really start thinking of humanity and justice and rights for everyone.

So Teach for Malaysia.. Will you?

This really spins a thought of me on Architecture and the twist of the stereotype of it. reminded of me writing this. Where Patama devoted her Architecture studies to help the rural.