A Liter of Light Project – Isang Litrong Liwanag (Philippines)

When I first set my mind to do architecture, it wasn’t about the so-called high pay to come, nor the fame, or because I have the passion for arts for the buildings. Because discovery channel made me feel as architects we can help the world to be a better place, starting from the building, and that forms better, happier communities.

I may be weak in Studio, or basically bad in academics in overall but I’m still amid of getting the architect ethics right because the amount of responsibility we hold is just too much. Every time I look into projects, it wasn’t those green buildings that really impress me, all the green technologies or whatever you call it. It was the hardcore poor place when people just need to think about utilizing everything. That includes an essential basic necessities from God and yet we, think that with our technology we can do all kind of wonders to control our indoor climate. We were, and Wrong. The Amsterdam is already one of the examples to be the world’s largest city under sea level, they have been fighting with the sea for centuries.

I personally think that we should be designing something totally passive approach and embracing what God has been giving us in the surroundings. Well in this video is an example of a philippine eco-entrepreneur or social enterprise based project. A Liter of Light Project Basically what he does is by helping the bottom billions on their home lighting spacing problem, these homes are merely squatters built over without planning and emphasize of lights. Covered by steel sheet tiles, what he did was by cutting a hole and inserting a 1.5 Liter bottle which was filled with water and bleach (to prevent growth of algae) Having this bottle insert into the hole, the light was refracted and shining 360* over the internal space, which light intensity claims to be as strong as a 50 watt bulb.

Please Watch the Video HERE.

It was simply astonishing because it solves 2 problems, waste, and fuel. Isang has plans to light up a million homes by 2012. But by this rate as much as I’m thinking if can start a pilot project in Malaysia, it’s hard because generally we are all well equipped with active lighting everywhere and electricity bill won’t kill people here with our bottom billion isn’t as hardcore poor as Philippines in terms of numbers.

But the point i admire the most, he gave a community hope.

And as Architects often we think of creating and not dealing directly with the end user, that’s why perhaps life here isn’t that happy as compared to the bottom billions because they are contented with what they have. That’s the real challenge of Architects, to shape the mind of the city too.