5 Things I have learnt when I turned 21

So I have turned 21. Oh yea it’s really that fast, isn’t it? As much as I don’t really catch the meaning of 21st birthday with quite some people asking me if I am throwing a party, well it’s another ordinary day with assignments. But thanks to my coursemate and cell group with the cakes and wishes. well but really besides all the rights and also a significant stage to call myself a young adult, I think I have been through quite some things in life, this is my summary of the 5 principles I would hold on into. Well, it’s always good to remind me by blogging.

1. Always celebrate other peoples’ achievements.

I recall this when I was reading John C Maxwell’s book “winning with people” during college. There are just too many things but one significant point I learnt was this. And hence I tried it, not always, though. But it is true, the moment you celebrate other people’s achievement, you feel happy too. I mean what’s the use of envy and showing the long face. Be it small or big, but any achievement by its own means is supposed to be celebrated because there’s significant of accomplishment and it’s essential to appreciate someone’s effort, whether the benefits will be on you or not.

2. Family  Matters in the long run. 

And yes indeed, as I grew into university age, I learnt that I have to appreciate my relatives and family better. When the whole world steps out from your life, they wouldn’t. That’s for me, and I think I have one big happy relative to appreciate with. well… or to go crazy with.

3. Love, Inspire, and Learn from myself first.

I didn’t want to be self-centred all the time. But at times it’s always better to live a cycle within you first. It’s familiar that they say “love you first, if not you couldn’t love other people” Pretty through and also I always see myself as an inspiration of a creation of God rather than admiring all the big shots outside there. Because you know your past and yourself the best. This does not mean to be ego, but really in many scenes that I have been, I learnt to grow all by myself, my thoughts, of course, learnt by observing others.

4. Stand up and out for Justice.

This is quite a huge one. And I think as a Christian it is already said. Stand up for justice. Do what you need to do and to act upon what’s right and what’s wrong. At times, it takes quite a thick face and shame to stand up what’s right. But if one has ethics and humanity, I think this is what we are ought to do, even if it’s wasn’t from religious teaching, I think this is well said by many change agents that they stood up for once in a lifetime and well lived with it.

5. The Imperfections of Life makes us perfect. 

I’m a person who yearns for perfection but I know it’s impossible. Things will just never go right. For the past few experiences in various scenarios, I came up with this lesson that God always has something to show behind every achievements or failure. Things are never perfect because there’s always a balance of what’s successful and what’s not to draw the line between these two words definition and to lead us to gratefulness on whatever we have worked for. Amen.

21 years seems long enough actually. By any means if God just sends me away right now, I wouldn’t regret, not because I have accomplished or successful but because I think I have saved souls. Thank you, God.

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