POLLI Bricks: A Green Wall product of miniWIZ

As I read Inhabitat daily, I find this quite interesting though the practicality of it still draws me some question. The product is called POLLI-Brick, a product of miniWIZ which has a lot more other interesting product. In Short, why Green Wall? because they are recycled polymer bottles that can be interlocked to build an incredible array of structures. It’s lightweight, offering excellent acoustic and thermal insulation.

POLLI-Bricks possess incredible thermal and sound insulating characteristics in addition to an awesome strength to weight ratio, which should make them a hit with architects and builders alike. While you can’t yet get these at your local building supply mega-store, the economy, versatility, and structural potential of the POLLI-Brick may just be what a struggling building market needs.

I personally find what’s really attractive about this product is that when it comes to lighting. The beautiful transparency it offers make it a perfect strategy for skylights and night lightings. But however on the other side, definitely it is for most public building due to the privacy it offers.

And I believe the LED lighting it has to offer does not need much usage because of its transparency.  This is the recycling process they claim that can reduce the waste of plastic bottle for something better.

And yes the effect of lighting and array structure definitely shows something.

POLLI-Brick™ has the absolute cost advantage: 1/4 the price of conventional curtain wall system. Moreover, solar powered LED lighting can be integrated into the POLLI-Brick™ system. Thus, consolidating all-in-one green energy lighting solution continuously reduces the structure’s carbon footprint over time.

1) Consolidated BIPV +LED lighting
2) UV / Waterproof sheet/ fire proof
3) Interlocking Honey Cone air pocket insulation R value=12

The picture suggests that it is a curtain wall concept, where you have prefab POLLI bricks Blocks as well. This suggests it is a fast construction technique. I am not too certain about what they mean by excellent sound and thermal insulation because most of us have not been into one of this structure, do we?