BYEE 2011 Post- Articles

So finally have the high resolution, thanks to Thai =P Here you go. This isn’t the first time my name appear in press, though, but first time with such a funny picture =P

Yea Thai said it’s a fake smile =P I was asked to pose with a little bird. The photographer actually followed us throughout the whole camp to take best shots of us  =D So its SInChiewJitPoh 7/6/2011. And there stated a rough description of the project we want to do. Well, there goes the impression and thoughts on all the other readers. Quite surprise my picture is that big, though. Someone said wanna tear my picture hehe hehe.

Attached here also are other press sayings about BYEE 2011.

Borneo post posted about BYEE event publicity in the February at HERE also post up the post BYEE camp updates at HERE

So now what’s left is that 8 of us will be competing to go to Germany by seeing the top 2 best project by 2 individuals will convince the judge with their project development. Not for me, I’m doing MESYM cause it’s an idea I had long ago, besides having to do recycling, water quality, RE EE, cycling… I think I had involved enough. So I’m not really trying hard, but just my best. Paradox again? I’m just doing what I love to do all the time!

Till then!