Malaysia Green Building Index GBI with its new INC and IBE

Have you have heard of GBI? Green Building Index? it’s pretty much like Malaysia’s very own Green Building Rating. For more of GBI please refer HERE. If some of us would question if Malaysia is moving forward for a more environmental sustainability awareness direction, i would say yes, in the direction of building design. GBI is not some cheap rating tools but it’s established after years of observing how the other tools in overseas (such as GreenMark in Singapore, and LEED from the States, Green Star etc). Refer diagram.)

After today’s launching on INC and IBE tool from GBI, i must agree that Malaysia must be proud because GBI is really impressive for many others who are in this similar field. There are several awards in this GBI, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

‎” Don’t try to push or bribe us to get Gold certification for GBI, because it’s very specific and high, i have heard of people applying for Platinum certification, that’s scary because it’s gonna be one the greenest building in the world ” IR Chen Thiam Leong, GBIAP member. at GBI launching Hilton Hotel.

True indeed because we have been comparing the criteria along with other tools and one must really take knowledge to know how these marks or points to be allocated to promote more interest in making their building sustainable. Read up more about it at here


I’m not gonna give a whole lecture of GBI here because their website is very comprehensive to let one to learn about it. But here is some interesting statement i got during today’s launching. I asked IR Chen about the supply and demand in Malaysia such that even with developers and designers would realize the need of it , but again is there a demand from customer, residence for this type of building? Is it expensive to them?

I believe the time is right, rise of water and electricity price making people to invest into long term solution, anything must come with an economy sense of value because again money is the driven factor. During the discussion with Minister, it seems Malaysia is not going to make green building compulsory as its  not at the right moment (Good because bribe might start then if we do) but it’s going to be a self driven factor and the best thing about many countries looking up to us is that the Government has been giving good incentives and tax free for any Green Technology or construction for housing.

On another issue, GBI facilitator, yes they must be doing much more rather than just marking the marks from the tool, you see because all the tools are uploaded into the website and they can just type it and evaluate for themselves. So GBI facilitators which currently around 400 of them in Malaysia must know how to help this issue rather than just earning by their facilitator list. They could suggest with their broad knowledge and really making every green building special by scoring the Innovative Category, or to say personal branding of buildings.

So this is the Chart.


Industrial New Construction -
The INC Rating Tool adopts the established 6 GBI criteria with emphasis placed on Energy Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). These have the greatest impact on energy use and the well-being of occupants and workers in the industrial building. On-site energy capture and improvement in process-energy-use are given prominence with provision of breakout space to reduce workers’ fatigue. Proximity to cargo transportation also reduces environmental pollution. The tool evaluates some credits prescriptively but the majority of credits are performance based.

Industrial Existing Building
The IEB Rating Tool evaluates the sustainablity aspects of existing industrial buildings including their processes. Additional credits are given to encourage higher Energy Efficiency which is still lacking priority because of subsidised energy tariffs. The prominence and importance of IEQ is maintained to ensure the well-being and productivity of the occupants and workers. Credit points are also increased for Water Efficiency and Innovation to encourage improvement and modification. Facility Management is introduced to inculcate good sustainable management practices. This will improve environmental protection through the appropriate the use of chemicals, pesticides and procurement policies

A very obvious difference is that IEB has a higher scoring of Innovation, water, and Energy simply because they can’t be rebuild and we do know that facade has a lot of influence on IEQ which is unavoidable. So it make sense to have this modification. For a more detail explanation of each category difference, you can view my FB pictures where i took the slides.

Yes, be proud, know GBI, future Architects of Malaysia gotta take up more attention to this!


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