Thanks AIESEC: The Story of Youth Energy Squad

I didn’t mean to post up that title either, but when I think of Nicholas, or Y.E.S Project, or most of the people I know, it all really begins from AIESEC. Anyone can easily define AIESEC as the World’s largest student organization but being its member, we all do know that each one has their story with their AIESEC experience. I know I blog a couple of post here and the old blog about AIESEC, but let me just say once more again, Thanks, AIESEC. Because it’s not only the things I do, but the people I meet and the opportunities I have today is far more than what I expected before stepping into Uni.

One of the exciting stories is this. Yes, facebook does scary things when you manage to dig up what happened exactly one year ago.

This is when I finished my Shanghai DT Internship and then decided to come back and rejoin the team as to initiate a project called Youth Energy Squad. Looking back at what Nicholas says here again, yes 3 of us have ended our term. One year ago we were talking about raising up these potential members to experience the AIESEC way and soon to take over the leadership role. We really did, YES started off with 7 members with currently 4 left. Joe took up MyLDS CD position, Sabrina currently the new Project Director for Y.E.S, KayChin being in our marketing and externals, PekLin being our OCP for the upcoming YES Conference. TienHui, YunSeh, and HuiYi, thank you for giving it a chance before, may you be learning a lot of things too in your current undertakings.

To Nicholas, needless for me to say, I think I have always owed you something =P Thank you for the tolerance we had, I know we share much more things beyond AIESEC itself. Or I would say, I know the team does. I think we have set tons of targets and expectation since the beginning, but to answer what you have posted in that wall post. yes, we have achieved it because I see 4 happy faces learning good stuff for the past 1 year, and hoping more to come. And what’s more exciting is that I wanna see the next batch!

It’s again often i say, Thanks, AIESEC, and many times I think I owe this organization because I personally think I didn’t serve back enough but unfortunately my time is up, I need to focus on my Architecture studies for my final year, but of course, I would love to facilitate and share the knowledge with any juniors. If it wasn’t AIESEC, I wouldn’t even think of doing anything today, it was the Shanghai exchange experience that leads me to New Delhi, Jakarta and then Germany soon. It was the Spark of all the Flames.

To all the other AIESECers i know, i just want to say that as much as you can quit AIESEC, but the AIESEC experience would definitely live on. Because what you do in this organization, is pretty much what you do in life.