How can we undergo Change? When Habits & Surrounding Environment contradicts Us.

I feel that kinda almost sum up to many people today. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t a researcher neither social studies student. But after a conversation with like-minded people in other places, I realize this comes true when we observe a lot of people talking about wanting to be the Change or make a difference in this world but haven’t really truly impacting.

What do I mean by then? Most of who are reading this today are brought up with Technology, or in the City Life. For us, through the internet, we might assume that we have truly undergone globalization by knowing issues around the world etc, but it’s really rare to see people have the physical contact with what’s happening at the other face of this world. To some extent, it’s a taboo because we just can’t accept it.

Change is a big Word. Those who really got the resolution or impact to do something would definitely flashback to the exact moment where they came to realize they should do something about it. And nope, there’s the reason why I say I can’t be labeled as Passionate for the Environment, yet, because I haven’t really gone into the deep orang Asli settlement and other wilderness to hear their stories on climate Change. They know it BETTER than ANY researchers or politicians. 

It’s sad but to say it’s a paradox for most of us because it’s a habit or norm to say we have read or seen the things that are happening thus we are going to do something about it! But most of us have YET to FEEL.

A very good example is a lot of us say we love nature, we love the dog’s pets or whatever, when’s the last time we really went for a hiking, or into the jungles, to see things for ourselves. People who stay inside will inspire you very easily by telling you what they really encounter every day, landscapes are changing, the food chain is collapsing etc. It’s a great paradox because so far it’s rare to hear politicians going into the wild and really greet our “rakyats”. They are the one paying the debt that we created due to the climate chang

Because again, most of us live this life every day the same way and same environment. Same settings same people from same mindset and background. Breaking the habit is the first step, and traveling often helps, it needs not to be far across the sea but just your backdoor and depends on how you are going to see it. Dare you to talk to any beggars because you will be surprised how much they know the world by what they see and not like what we are distracted about.

As much as i know this world today, we are being so busy with what we create. Often it’s always our fingers touching those keypads rather those paddy we need to plant ourselves. All types of Religion always relate with their Gods going into the wilderness or Mountains for Prayers or Meditation, because often also Nature inspires people. It’s God creation and you will feel how tiny you are. Those who live in the city since young definitely missed out a lot by thinking city life is interesting, don’t we realize that children often are more curious about living things than we do? We are soon going to spoil them with those Ipads.

Well, this pic is one of the many ones who made me think. It’s something you don’t see in Malaysia. It was in Jakarta. But clearly when we are out from our culture and place whatever, that’s when we start to think and ready to be inspired.

Another random rambling of mine.