The Reminder for the Future Working Me

So the Graduates went to GSR Graduate Seniors Retreat.. it is an annual retreat we do just for the final years of PKA (Christian Fellowship) to sort of prepare us for the future working life. It was a simple 1-night stay on Penang Hill and we had a few sessions on, identifying and looking back into the past few years of university life, thinking if we have had done what we wanted to do before our university life is up, and choosing the memorable scenes we want to keep…

But on the other hand to, a transition process to working life. There’s certainly much to know about Working life in comparison to university life, the amount of annual leave, the 9-5 daily routine that will work out the machine in you, often drives you to the question of whether you really know what you want to do for the rest of your life. I personally have not been to the working, as much as I have seen bits and pieces of office politics. This is a little summary we did.

We had an amazing speaker for the second day. Who has been pointing out what a healthy working lifestyle should be like I believe? At times, people argue that strong Christians will be too good or too honest to be at work and often being used by others because they are kind. There is a lot of intense sharing from one who has been staying his job for 18 years and it was his first job. One of the most significant phrases, DON’T RUSH INTO IT. Most people find the excitement of working because they will feel independent.. financially, and have money to buy what they want.

But I personally think going into working world without knowing what you really want is like “suicide” it defies what you really want in this life. Unless you are financially poor, then consider into venture other things like further studies or social enterprise or charity work or travel. find the purpose of life before really stepping into the world of people trying to overwhelm you with their orders. And personal working life balance, on the other hand, there’s a long debate to talk about. More at HERE.

That’s why we are requested to write down on what we want to be in the future working life. How do we suppose we want to be and the values and the dreams we chase all the while since today. This is what I would write:

1) Sunday is a Church and Family Day. I could work overtime during weekdays if I am needed but never ever touch my weekends.

2) The Job I do must be directly or indirectly benefit to the vision I want to see, which is supporting the path to the better of mankind. Which also means, not involved in excessive consumerism, injustice, or environmental destruction or other relevant reasons. For forsaking others means forsaking myself too. Or to say as well, find a company or job or career that shares your vision.

3) My Family has to understand what I am working as. I would try my best to explain to them what I do, and bring them to my working environment and gain the understanding between personal and work spaces.

4) I want to have a “part time” interest field, which is environmental sustainability related movement. One of the examples is on now, how I juggle studies and together. I need to remind myself as much as how busy I would be in my career, there must be a side interest to keep my values straight and adding more colors to it.

5) I DO NOT WANT to be in the rat race. For I believe that when I am involved in it and climbing up the corporate ladder, even though I might be capable of, but I know my time management is fragile to it.

6) Family Comes first, Work comes Second, God comes within. Though I know it’s pretty subjective, but overall that’s what it should.

Well, all in all, it is a reminder!