Building Faster, Better, and Cheaper? – Broad Sustainable Buildings

“It’s no miracle to build a hotel in six days,” Fu adds. “Our goal is to build affordable houses for average people.”

That hits me to write more about BSB’s latest achievement. You can read more about BSB HERE. Chinese developers are back to shake the world of property. After building a 15-storey building in six days in 2010 and then, re-establish the Broad Sustainable Building skyscraper in a matter of days. This time BSB story hotel building 30 stories in 360 hours or 15 days. Given the name T30, the hotel has 315 standard rooms, 32 suites, eight large suites, two presidential suites, restaurant, bar, fitness center, swimming pool, underground parking space, and a helipad. You can read it more at HERE I thought of writing a thought or two after scrolling through the comments and pretty many people relate this concept to “Faster means Failure”

Throughout my 2 months internship in Shanghai, I have seen many properties trading are not done black and white, Gross Net Area of properties are not stated properly etc.. and most of us heard before of towers built in China collapse. Some even debate about the quality of china , made in china, when you could see walls that are meant to be load bearing with bricks eventually stuffed with newspaper and thus creating voids. These issues thus have stereotyped the construction industry of china tend to be not reliable and damaging. But here is the catch on what BSB has to say.

The T30 building has a different chapter of testimony to this. Not only did BSB get the T30 Hotel up in 15 days or 360 hours (with the help of 200 super speedy construction workers), but the company claims that their 17,000 square meter tower is 5 times more energy efficient than the competition and generates a fraction of the waste. It is also said to have the capacity to withstand an earthquake that measures up to 9 on the Richter Magnitude Scale ! Here is the video to help you simulate their construction progress.

This entire construction method is different compared to the traditional method. It’s all about Steel Frame structure and a lot of Pre-Fabrication Material done off site. The real construction work does begin on site, but the prefab materials construction has already begun months ago in a factory off-site. This is called IBS Industrialized Building Systems. It can be cheaper because it’s produced in modular repetition forms and the construction period is thus lesser, saving logistics and manpower cost. I strongly believe that this concept is safe, just that more detailing and attention needs to be given at its prefab level. Most of the time mistakes will arise in designing instead of the materials quality instead. Besides, it is said that the foundation laid over a month ago which is not included in the hour race period.

The Broad Group’s Vice President Fu Lixin tells reporters that such a phenomenal speed was due to the innovative building technology used and standardized architecture design.

Having Pre-Fab means detailed drawings needed to be confirmed as soon as possible and no correction can be made after the pre fab is produced. After that, welding must be made sure to be done well to gain the strength of the structure. The other benefit of PreFabs and steel structure is that they are able to be disassembled instead of demolishing, thus making it economically and environmentally smart design.

Zhang Yue (张跃), Broad’s chief executive officer, told The Economic Times that “speed with which his buildings go up reduces waste of materials and energy.” China is 20-40 times more polluted than Europe and that’s hurting our health and will offset the economic benefits of our growth,” said Zhang. The Chinese billionaire was the recipient of the “Champions of the Earth” award by UN Environment Programme 2011. He pointed out that “sustainable buildings” will be his biggest business in 2013. 

Besides that, BSB previously has already built 15 story hotel in 6 days. This system does not come easily, it requires expertise in many areas to gain this sustainable construction industry method.