5 Reasons on Why You should Volunteer

It’s been quite some time that I have volunteered in activities. From Tree Plantings to organizing events etc.. the whole point of volunteering is going there with a pure heart to help and not seeking some other purpose benefit in return. Besides that, I see my record of participation in activities started from volunteerism in the first place.  I do agree that it has made me a happier person. Let me share 5 secrets why you should volunteer. At a glance, It impacts other peoples’ lives, It Impacts your Life, It draws an optimistic environment, It enhances your network, and you will gain a new skill. 

1) Impact other people’s life – One of the ultimate reason of volunteerism is to make an impact on someone’s life, to sow a seed of hope into a hopeless thought.For any volunteering events we do, there will be a correspondent we are going to impact on, for example in tree planting events, how I impact on people’s live was to draw on the curiosity of the others on my willingness for such activity. Others will be more direct, such as visits to the orphanage and to the homeless, it feels good to be a good samaritan of course.

2) Impact your life- Volunteering can be a hobby or a secondary interest after work. Most importantly, most of these events often release your stress because it’s most likely to be outdoor and the task tends to be more interesting with different agendas and interaction, and no obligation. It really impacts my life, it made me happy, it made me felt like I have invested my time in something else besides the personal life of me whether in academics or working. It allows you to try out the new job without having to make a long-term commitment. Because the more you do so, the more you will step out of your comfort zone, and learn and grow.

3) Draws an Optimistic Environment– I notice this because whenever I volunteer, I just tend to be happy, and optimistic on things, or personal life to be precise. It made me stronger, it made me felt like I was playing my role for humanity or some sort. It’s an environment of positive people doing positive agenda, hence comes together with a happy positive conversation often. Volunteerism work often is a stress-free task, when there is no expectation of working hours or work politics, people often perform better and happier. That sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is something

4) Enhance Network– It’s true that going through such activities often it will draw you friends, good friends because you share a common point of value or belief or thought that relates to the volunteering activity.  With the power of Facebook today, many of the events is followed up with the new friends from the activities. And thus it sustains the good will by able to plan the next volunteering event! Volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together.

5) Gain a New Skill / Leadership –  Volunteering often benefits a person by enabling a person to learn a new skill. Most of the time volunteering events just need manpower and the NGO will train them on the necessary skill, and as experience and time kick in, the person will be good with the new skill. For example, I could be better and wiser for planting trees, identifying the tree species and agriculture skills. That person will learn to create a strategy framework, think about its execution, look into finance and administration, lobby for help and make decisions. By doing all this he will be stepping into the shoes of a ‘leader’.”

I think it’s better if you can see this with an illustration of an article HERE on Grace Community Service. Personally, I would never stop volunteering as it’s part of who I am now.

If you can do this with multiple groups of people, can you imagine the effects of volunteering?

Organizations fail to understand the power of volunteering and how people generally become better as they are learning all kinds of skills. 

How I really hope more companies do CSR projects, not for the benefit of their branding or excessive money to be spent.. but investing their staff’s time into these programs.. an example will be Standard Chartered were made it compulsory for their staffs to involve in Tree Planting activities or their HIV-AIDS awareness program.

Share the Love, Volunteer today, Share it out!