Understand a person by Understanding their Family Up Bringing

I think we should understand and judge a person after knowing where the person came from and what the person faces, then the whole context just fits together”

I came to realize how true this is because of the many encounters with my friends’ parents and getting a picture of how their children are brought up. I mean, we always talk about culture difference around the different parts of the world. The same here, in the most basic unit of every nation, there lies Family. The unit that will determine the very essence teaching on life and exposure for any new generation. I think generally in university we judge friends by their deeds and social life by our pragmatic systematic way of thinking, if we are to judge someone by the neutral way which doesn’t place an impression on what’s right or wrong, then start from Family. 

If we are to care about this world by helping anyone by any sense, then we should try to understand their “assets in the social life” which is the supports by their family and relatives. If we say there are taboos in culture, then so goes too in family matters in which we won’t realize simply because we don’t concern for now. Family bringing ups and history are part of the major factors on how a university student think during university life then. 

Personally, I am glad about supportive family and relatives. As much as I am relatively young among the cousins, and not really to approach them as best friends, but lately, I realize it’s really time to appreciate them. I don’t know why now but I realize they are the major factor why I could be where I am today.

Family supports matters because you can choose to ignore whatever being said by anyone in this world. but not for those who you care and love.

I still remember at times many of my mom’s colleagues or my respective primary school teachers ask her how she brought me up, and she answers ” I didn’t , he find his own ways through some organizations like AIESEC” But I would say behind all these, or in genesis, the values, and upbringing all matters from my mom’s teaching of life.Throughout this childhood and now almost a young adult, I appreciate what my mom has taught me in many ways. Also, the upbringing where she always emphasize me to study and all, in which often as children we find it annoying, but I am really glad that she said what she’s supposed to say, because she cares. I may not be a son where I tell my mom everything because I guess my mom trusts me in whatever I am involved in university and there are too much to update haha. But at many times I remind myself that as children, our upbringing carries their hopes.

Thanks, Mom and sis!