Rasa Sayang Express – Ipoh Boy makes it in London

They are indeed many successful stories of Malaysians doing abroad. While one could debate whether JPA scholars are not given right orders to come back Malaysia to serve the Government, some actually support them to be let go after given a ‘free’ scholarship to experience overseas experience. Whether you agree or not, Many Malaysians found their talents abroad, For instance, Rasa Sayang Express. I have read about Richard Branson and other famous entrepreneurs, but Teddy Chen isn’t someone at the big front page, but he’s story is worthy for any Malaysians to know. It was featured on TheStar today but am gonna quote some stuff.

IPOH “boy” Teddy Chen is the Malaysian who went from zero to hero in London. When he arrived in London 47 years ago, he had only with him £10 (RM49) in his pocket. Today, Chen owns several businesses including the famous Rasa Sayang chain of restaurants in England. In 1970, Chen went to work as a clerk at the Performing Rights Society. Chen was the firm’s first Asian Employee, Word got around that Chan was a “can Do Chinaman”. The tag eventually saw him being headhunted by EMI, a multinational music company, as a contract manager.

After more than 15 years in the industry, Chen decided to move out of the entertainment circle to spend more time with His family. Instead, he ventured into business, spending more time building in it. In 1985, he started a construction supply business, specialising in dealing with Asian companies that had real estate companies. In the 90s, Chen diversified his business and focused on providing insurance and health care to the Chinese community in London.

Chen who shares, in several other restaurants, decided to open Rasa Sayang Restaurant in Chinatown in 2005. “It was the first Halal restaurant in Chinatown he said”. Last year, he opened Rasa Sayang Express, the first Malaysian restaurant in Oxford Street. He aimed to make the cuisines affordable to everyone and wanted his customers to be in and out in 30 minutes.

” I am going big, I am inspired by the big dreams i have” Teddy Chen. The streetwise Teddy Chen is not an overnight success Story. I believe there are many more other same hearts behind his inspiration. It’s all true in here.

Below is his website. Just google it! Simple but nice!

And looking at a larger scale, i know he is not alone. It takes a community to bring up a group of positive people. Here it is.